Sunday, December 18, 2011

lumberjack luxe

Ok, I might have a slight problem with alliterative titles, but they're just so snappy and fun I can't help it. Do you guys love me despite my cheesiness? I sure hope you do, but I understand if you kind of forgot I existed since my posting has been so sporadic and infrequent lately. All that aside, I hope we are still (internet) friends!

velvet dress - thrifted, flannel shirt - boys section of thriftstore, tights - target, boots - thrifted

I suppose this is another one of those entirely thrifted outfits I didn't notice until I blogged about it. That happens a lot actually. Anyways, I felt kind of lumberjack-y with the buffalo plaid and work boots, but that was perfect because I wanted to tone down the inherent fanciness of a velvet dress. This particular dress I almost consider a pinafore or a jumper since I never wear it without some kind of shirt underneath. It's a little too big for me, making it perfect for such outfits, and the general style of it, with the wide straps and straight across neckline just some girlish and cute and well, like a pinafore.

Also, I cut my hair! FINALLY. Good god, it was ridiculous. A week before I cut it, I bleached and dyed the bottom six inches or so bright pink. It was cute, but I think I only got a cellphone picture of it in a braid, which I will try to show you sometime. I'm so so happy with the cut, which my wonderful and talented cousin did for me (she's about to graduate from the Aveda Institute and I am so happy and proud of her). I haven't played with styling as much as I would like, but I am definitely wearing fewer ponytails and I like the way it looks just air dried and kind of plain.* Basically, I'm in love with having a normal length of hair. Crazy cat lady status may have been pushed back a few years!

*Something I've noticed recently is how fresh it looks to wear something really cute and kind of dressy with minimal makeup and unstyled hair. You all know how much I love eyeliner and my usual going out hairstyle was a topknot for quite some time. But I've started noticing that when girls wear say, a miniskirt and heels, as long as they keep the cosmetics toned down, it looks really great. So that's something I'll be trying.