Monday, June 28, 2010


I think it's time for some more Texas pictures! Today was kind of grey and boring so I thought I'd cheer up with some pure summer in the form of tie-dye, cutoffs, braids, and vintage sunglasses. Not to mention the pool behind me and that gorgeous blue sky!

shirt - diy, shorts - diy, sandals - somewhere online, sunglasses - vintage

I do wish I'd gotten to do more Texas-y sorts of things while I was there. Not that I know what those things would be. But it seems to me that Dallas, and the suburb of Dallas I was staying in are pretty . . . generic. I didn't feel a real sense of place while I was there, which is disappointing. I still loved the time I spent there. It was a perfect lazy vacation and I got to see a neat documentary with my cousin and found a cute dress at a second hand store. As well as, you know, seeing my cousin graduate and spending time with my family.

bracelets - thrifted, random, diy, ring - found

bracelet - christmas gift, rings - antique

In that first picture, you can see the bracelet I bought at a thriftstore just a little while before I left. I've worn it a lot and I really really like it. It's silver (in color anyways, it might just be a base metal but it doesn't turn my skin green) with this great inlaid picture of a mountain, sun, bird, and rainbow. It's kind of goofy really but I love it. That beaded bracelet is also a favorite of mine. My mom made it ages ago and it's peyote stitch. I think the ring is amber and I'm pretty sure it was found in our garden or something like that. The chunkiness of it appeals to me. The bracelet in the bottom picture is one my grandma got me and it's extra hippie-ish but I'm ok with that. I mean, I was a hippie child, I can't escape it entirely. Tie-dye and peace signs will always be natural.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

luau in a warehouse

sweater - urban outfitters, shirt - pacsun, skirt - thrifted, tights - target, boots - thrifted, lei - from a luau in a warehouse

This I wore over a week ago, I believe. I am wearing a lot more skirts because the only pants I own that are work appropriate have died. They had so many holes. I need to go shopping, but I have the WORST time finding pants I like. Especially when jeans are not an option. I held onto those long past when I should have let them go, but finally tossed them last time I did laundry. So now, work days = skirts.

Which is cool really. I mean, I like that I'm being forced to dress a little better. It's hard to just say fuck it and not care when you're wearing a skirt. Which I did a lot for work before.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Ok, so I'm finally getting around to these Texas pictures. Not going to do anything crazy and post them all at once, so maybe I'll end up sprinkling them in between regular posts as well. If I ever get back to regular posts that is!

jean jacket - thrifted levis, hoodie - old navy, tee - pacsun, jeans - gap, moccasins - minnetonka

I don't know about you, but I love airports and airplanes. Really, anything about traveling kind of gets me excited, even if I'm not going anywhere cool. I definitely wanted to snap an outfit picture in the airport, but didn't realize just how awkward it was going to be. People were looking at me, like wondering if they should report "suspicious activity" while I was balancing my camera on a pile of books on my seat and setting the self timer so I could run over to the windows. Everyone's so nervous now!

This is a pretty perfect travel outfit for me. There's no way I'm going to wear something complicated or a skirt or something on an airplane. It needs to be comfortable. But I would also never EVER in a million years, wear sweats or pajama pants or something like that. Seeing that makes me so depressed. So jeans and a tshirt, with easy to slip off shoes, are definitely the best choice for me. I also tried to wear my bulkiest items of clothing so I had more room in my bag. Which, by the way, I went two weeks on what I could fit in a backpack. I'm just a little proud of that. The jacket I'm wearing, which I found at a thrift store not too long ago, was pretty much unnecessary in the Texas heat. I think I wore it one day, in a movie theater. It was nice to have on the plane though, since they're always cold. I'll try to get some better pictures of it sometime, it's the most perfectly beat up denim jacket I have ever seen. Definitely a favorite now.

I will leave you with a few shots from out the window on the airplane. This was one of the prettiest flights I've ever been on and I just couldn't resist taking some pictures, especially when we were flying over awesome mountains.

Friday, June 11, 2010

my so-called life

coat - old navy, purse - thrifted coach, cardigan - urban outfitters, flannel - gap, skirt - urban outfitters, tights - somewhere, boots - thrifted rockport

Wow, I am definitely back in Seattle. Talk about a typical Washington day. It rained like crazy today, but I kind of like it because it makes everything seem so lush. The light is really beautiful on these sorts of days. I've been watching a ton of My So-Called Life lately and loving it. I actually never watched it when it was on TV (pretty sure I was way too young and we didn't even HAVE a TV in the nineties) so this is actually my first time seeing all the episodes. Man, I love it. I know I'm not 15 anymore and I really shouldn't be identifying so strongly with a fictional character who is, but I do. That whole desperately liking a boy and not knowing how to interpret the way he acts around you? I am so there right now. It's like, one minute you're sure, he has to like me, and then he acts totally different the next. God, I really should not be feeling this show so strongly. Oh, but the clothes. Also dying loving them. The episode where Rayanne sings for Jordan Catalano's band (Frozen Embryos, although in that episode they're "between names"), she wears the most hilarious metallic, shiny, fringed, layered, craziness of an outfit. And I love her super long flannel shirt. Or is it a bathrobe? Whatever, she wears it in multiple episodes.

As it so happens, today was all sorts of nineties-rrific. My outfit, for one, which started out inspired a little by all the flannel and boots on My So-Called Life, but then I just started having fun with pattern mixing. Which seriously, I'm proud of. I'm usually no good at it, but I really really liked my outfit today. Then, after eating Thai food with a friend I haven't seen for months (welcome home from Spain buddy!), we drove to the thiftstore where I bought some boots that are the exact same ones I wore today, but black. Definitely a good find, since I don't have any black boots right now and sometimes brown just looks weird. And, we also listened to Nirvana, on TAPE no less, on the way there and back. I didn't even pick it, my friend did. He said it went with the rain and the two together made it feel like home. Yeah, that's what Seattle boils down to, even for people from here. Rain and Nirvana.

by the way, i did take lots of pictures while in texas and they will be coming soon. just really felt like posting this today. i've missed blogging. so look forward to some sunny weather, hardly any clothes posts, which should be a nice change from the rainy day stuff right now.