Wednesday, September 29, 2010

one more day of summer

dress - target, cardigan - urban outfitters, shoes - pf flyers

Damn, I sure wore this dress a lot this summer. It's technically too short for work, but at least the cardigan covers up the bare shoulders and makes it semi-work appropriate. I really miss summer actually. I miss eating my lunch outside everyday. This was one of the prettiest spots right by the river. I miss some other things too. There were things going on then that I thought had promise, that I thought would go somewhere but they never did. I miss the way I felt for a little while this summer. I was really happy, and then really sad. I'm getting over it, but obviously still get a little melancholy now and then. Sorry about that.

Friday, September 24, 2010

things which were worn by me

dress - romy, cardigan - urban outfitters, moccasins - minnetonka

shirt - urban outfitters, jeans - gap, bag - liberty of london for target, moccasins - minnetonka

Thursday, September 23, 2010

alone is okay

If you haven't already watched this incredible video, you really should now. It is beautiful. We all should be happy on our own, before we even think about trying to be happy with another person.

Monday, September 20, 2010

memories of summer

pocket tank - gap, skirt - urban outfitters, sandals - random shop, bag - liberty of london for target, hair bow - thrifted silk scarf, sunglasses - thrifted humphrey's

The summer may be completely over in Washington but here are some distant memories to brighten your day. I'm actually getting a little jealous of myself looking at these photos and remembering that part of the summer. The day I wore this outfit involved handing out candy in a parade, getting a ride in a gorgeous pink '50s Cadillac, sunbathing in the yard, and a fun housewarming party at my awesome friends' apartment in Wallingford. Good lord, I miss the summer.

p.s. I tied the bow in my hair after being inspired by Rebecca's lovely tutorial on The Clotheshorse. I did it slightly differently because my scarf happens to be a long rectangle, but the inspiration came from her.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

play! in portland

Hi friends! It's been awhile. I got a second job and have been having about one day off every two weeks, working up to 12 hour days. Plus a work project to do at home. So yeah, haven't really had time for blogging. But I've cut back on work just a little and finally am feeling like I can, I don't know, breathe. I have some more recent pictures because, while I have been busy, I've still been making an effort. I'm going to talk about this more later but I feel pretty good about that, since I never used to when life got crazy. Anyways, I haven't actually edited or uploaded the more recent pictures yet, so here's a few older ones.
dress - old navy, shoes - pf flyers

shirt - diy, jeans - gap, shoes - pf flyers, bag - liberty of london for target

flannel - gap, skirt - thrifted, flats - target

Outfit numero uno was simply worn to work. Definitely a favorite of mine over this summer. Since I started wearing skirts more it was mainly with tights until this summer. I loved bare legs this summer! Numero dos was worn on a daytrip down to Portland, hence all the food carts behind me. Portland seriously has the best streetfood. We had bulgogi from a Korean food truck, ate it in a park, and I gave my leftovers to homeless man across the street from Powell's Books who told me a joke and lizards. I bought a giant bagful of books at Powell's, which is now my second favorite bookstore (my loyalties lie with the Duvall used bookstore). Seriously, I think my idea of heaven is something close to the world of new and used books at Powell's. The purpose of the trip, however, was to go to a book release party for Scott Pilgrim Vol. 6 at this comic book store. Have you read them/seen the movie? They're fantastic and you really should. The music in the movie is fantastic too. Sex Bob-omb might just be my favorite band now. The whole trip was pretty great, but we had to drive back that night, quite late, and while I was sleeping at a friend's apartment in Seattle, my car got broken into. Nothing got stolen, but my window was broken, which was kind of a pain. Finally, outfit numero tres is another work outfit. Slim skirt and baggy flannel shirt is always a good combo!