Friday, July 31, 2009

100 years of solitude

skirt - kimchi & blue, shirt - urban outfitters, headband - present from j

This is actually what I changed into after blueberry picking with my grandma and mom yesterday. It was gross and hot, but we picked about eight pounds in just an hour, which will be made into pies, jam, or frozen to be enjoyed later. Oh, and I almost lost my sunglasses at the blueberry farm today! I was so sad, since I love those funny Humphrey's, but I went back while our berries were being weighed and found them at the end of the row.

I got this skirt at Urban Outfitters last summer, intending to wear it all the time with simple tshirts. I didn't end up wearing it much since it's a little bit of an odd shape. I really like the smocking detail, but usually my shirt covers that, so I tucked in the shirt this time. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Since it's currently too hot for bangs, I pulled them up into a mini-pomp to keep them off my face. That required a headband, hence this one Justina gave to me for Christmas two years ago. I've worn it a couple times, but then it got left in my car for a really long time, and then that car was totalled and I cleaned it out and it has been sitting in a box of stuff I never sorted from that car ever since. It's really cute though. Purple and gold paisley = awesome.

(this old apple tree used to be my favorite to climb)

p.s. my birthday is today! i'm 20!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

thank god for hippies with rich parents

shorts - diy cutoffs, shirt - pacsun, bag - mom's, sunglasses - vintage store in seattle, shoes - converse

I know, I know, I wear these shorts just about every day. It's just too bloody hot. And yeah, this outfit is not exciting in the least, but I just can't come up with anything good in this heat. This bag though, I really like. Another one stolen from my mom, it fits a ton of stuff and is perfect for the beach. I also really like the purpley color of it.

(my dad looking like a dork with flippers, a mask, and an inner tube)

Spent the day at my dad's friend's parent's house on Lake Sammamish yesterday. It was absolutely beautiful. The house is enormous and impeccably decorated, with some really lovely and valuable art. On a little table right next to the front door, there's a big Chihuly vase. The lake was perfect, not too cold, but definitely a nice change from the 103 degree air. Yeah, that is a record. Today it has cooled off a bit, thank god, and I went with my mom and grandma to pick blueberries.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i'm melting. honest lee.

dress - thrifted XL men's shirt, belt - borrowed from step-dad, shoes - target, purse - vintage coach

As you may know, I live in Washington State, near Seattle. We are known for cool rainy weather. Our summers are generally pleasant, but rarely could be described as hot. The past few days have been hot. Like really hot. Really really hot. I shouldn't complain since I know so many places are much much hotter, but I'm not used to this, ok? Sure, I visit Texas, or the Midwest, or New York, and have experienced this kind of heat. But here? It's not supposed to be like this here. Today, the high temperature was 95 degrees. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter. The average high for July 28? 77 degrees. The record? 97 degrees, in 1958. I can't handle this! It is currently nearly three in the morning, and the temperature is 77 degrees. That's the average high temperature for the daytime! What the hell?

All complaining aside, today was really a good day. I actually am starting to get a little acclimated to the heat. I managed to do laundry and hang it out on the clothesline (shit, did I remember to bring my last load in?), as well as clean a spot in my hallway outside my bedroom that has become a dumping ground for random junk. I'm surviving by forgetting pants ever existed, drinking lots of water, and taking frequent breaks to sit entirely still. I also cannot bear to have any hair on my face in this heat, hence pinned up bangs. A cold beer with dinner is just about my favorite thing on earth right now. Thank god my mom is cool with that, otherwise I would be cursing our stupid drinking age. Instead, I enjoyed a nice cold, non-shitty beer with the grilled chicken and zucchini my mom made for dinner. (One reason I love drinking at home: My mom buys better beer than my friends. One reaon I love drinking with my friends: They may have shitty beer, but I can get trashed.)

I spent the rest of the evening sitting around listening to records, eating ice cream, and having a good session of girl talk with J and A. I've been meaning to grab the stack of records (mainly old ones that used to belong to my step-dad) I stashed up in the attic during a cleaning spree some time ago but only just got the guts to brave the heat. It's nice to have something other than the three records I've bought since I put the others away. Lying around on my bedroom floor talking about boys and sex and drama and all sorts of stuff and listening to old records on my thrifted (got it for a dollar) record player ended up being the perfect thing for a ridiculously hot summer evening. Thank god the vinyl hasn't melted in the heat yet.

(picture I took yesterday of some kind of flower, I don't know what it is, in our garden)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

scribblings from late last night

every kiss is different. unique. some kisses are quick, over before you realize they're happening. others are long and lingering and you savor every second. some kisses can be boring--you're thinking about how you need to feed your cat or do some laundry, and oh yeah, you need to write that 1000 word history paper. some kisses are passionate, some kisses are tender. some come from love, some come from lust, and some come from both. some kisses you see coming, anticipating them all night and others take you by surprise. some are lazy and sleepy and soft while others are hard and insistant. some kisses are wanted. some kisses are not. some kisses could make you cry with how beautiful they are and some you'd rather forget about all together. sometimes you like the person you kiss and sometimes you don't. some kisses never happen, but they are kisses all the same. some kisses are romantic. some kisses are sexy. some kisses are sleazy. some kisses are innocent. some kisses are an ending and some beginning. sometimes you want to kiss the other person more thean they want to kiss you and sometimes they want you more than you want them. some kisses shake you up (in a good or bad way) and some kisses calm you right down. sometimes kisses lead to more. som e kisses say a thousand words and some are mute and meaningless. some kisses are an ending and some a beginning. kisses can be familiar, comfortable, exciting, new, dramatic, familial, friendly, perfect, flawed. each kiss is different. some are good. some are bad. I don't regret a single one.

fo sho if i tell you how do my dancin'

pants - urban outfitters, shirt - urban outfitters, tanktop - old navy

I got both these pants and this shirt when I was hanging out with my dad awhile ago. Well, actually he bought them for me. The shirt is really cozy, more like a sweatshirt, really. Super comfortable. I wore this outfit (plus some shoes - converse) on Thursday (just got around to posting it) to a party/bonfire. It was fun, but I did some stupid stuff that night, which led to some drama on Saturday. Oh well, most of the people there were strangers, so while I do feel bad, I don't feel THAT bad. By the way, it is DEATHLY hot here right now, so I have been dressing really boring/inappropriately. Currently wearing: underwear and a tanktop.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

wild summer nights

I went swimming today with my cousin Riley. Isn't she pretty? We went to the river and was really crowded. The water was freezing and the sun was hot. Basically, it was a perfect summer afternoon.

Yesterday I also went swimming, up at the lake with some friends. Afterwards, some other friends invited us up to the rock quarry for a party. I got a lot drunker than I ought to have and did some kind of stupid things and caused some drama between friends. The party was still really fun, I didn't end up coming home until about 9:30 in the morning.

shorts - diy cutoffs, sweater - mom's, shoes - random gladiator's, purse - mom's (vintage coach)

I absolutely love this old hippy sweater. It used to be my mom's when she lived in California and it's stained and ripped but still my favorite. The shorts I've been wearing pretty much every day. Even out in the woods at the party, and I got a bunch of bug bites.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I went swimming with my cousin the other day, which was lovely even though we both got rather burnt. We didn't realize how long we'd been floating on air mattresses out in the middle of the lake until it was too late. Afterwards, we went to the grocery store, got some bagels, and climbed up this giant rock for a picnic. The road actually used to split and go around this rock, but they moved the road a couple years ago.

shirt - pacsun, shorts - diy cutoffs, bikini - victoria's secret, shoes - random gladiator's, purse - mom's (vintage coach)

These shorts were cutoffs already, ones I made a couple years ago in a rest stop parking lot because I was terribly hot, but they were longer and I decided I needed something shorter. So I hacked them off a bit more and now I think they're perfect for really hot days. The shirt is an XXL pocket tee and I think it's the perfect thing to wear over a bathing suit.

Started messing with Through the Viewfinder photography the other day, which is where you take a picture with one camera (usually a digital camera) through the viewfinder of another (usually a TLR). I was taking photos with my digital camera through the viewfinder of the Yashica and I think they turned out pretty cool, if not exactly what most people are going for with this style of photography.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sandblast Day 2

Sunday less of my friends were hanging out at Sandblast, but Tommy did come by and we explored a little down by the river. I had to leave a little early (obviously not early enough) to go to the No Doubt concert.

I've really been liking red lipstick lately. I'm not sure why, usually I'm more about heavy eyeliner, but nice red lips are just about my favorite thing ever these days. I like it when it's perfect, and I also like it when it's a little messy, and I love using stains that make it look like you've been eating strawberries or popsicles all day. In this picture I'm wearing an "Illuminating Lip Lacquer" by Physician's Formula in "Retro Red." It's sort of like a gloss, except pretty long-wearing and highly pigmented, but it doesn't dry out your lips like some long-wearing lip colors do. Also, it's shiny all on it's own, so you don't need a second gloss on top of it.

I took some photos with the Yashica while I was at Sandblast. I'm starting to like using it a little more, although I wish my lenses from the Minolta worked with it as well. But I'm starting to like the style of light meter it uses, which I used to hate, because you don't have to turn the camera on or off, just press a button to check the exposure. I'll definitely put those up when I get the film developed.

dress - vintage/hand-me-down, shoes - random gladiators, sunglasses - thrifted humphrey's, purse - mom's (vintage coach), camera - vintage yashica

I finally took good pictures while wearing this dress! Oh man, it's like my favorite dress ever. It's soooo nineties, with the small floral and the short skirt and it's just perfect. The princess seams and lacing in the back make it fit so well and the skirt is wonderfully full. Which, as I've mentioned before, is a hazard on windy days, but it twirls so perfectly. I want to go swing dancing in this dress, except I don't know how to swing dance.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sandblast Day 1

This weekend was the annual Sandblast festival in Duvall. Every year they build a giant sand sculpture by the river and there are booths and music all weekend long. I volunteered again to help with the kids' activity (this year it was drawing on animal shaped chalkboards with chalk pastels). My friends' band played on Saturday, as did another band from my high school. Sunday was more the old hippy bands, which I actually enjoy more at this sort of thing. I got to see a bunch of people I don't see that often, who I adore, and we hung out, drew on the chalkboards, swung on the rope swing, listened to the bands, and went to Ixtapa for dinner. (As we were walking back to our cars, I noticed a fire next to the sidewalk, which we put out with stomping and water bottles. There was a garage sale sign on fire, which had caught the bark around a bush on fire, and it was very what the fuck.)

shirt - fred meyer, shorts - diy cutoffs, purse - mom's (vintage coach), necklace - vintage pewter, sunglasses - thrifted humphrey's, bracelets - diy/found, rings - great grandmother's

I never talk much about the jewelery I wear, since I wear the same stuff daily. I'm not going to get into it much now, since I don't actually have pictures that shows it off well, but expect a post about that soon. The leather string I have wrapped around my wrist I found a couple days ago, and then lost again. Oh! I saw these deer in the parking lot on Saturday.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Dear Whiteriver Amphitheater,
You suck. I hate you. You are goddamn motherfucking piece of shit. Trying to see a show at you makes me want to put a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger. I hope a giant hole opens in the earth and swallows you up and you fall into the fiery pits of hell.

Had tickets to see No Doubt last night ($10 for lawn seating sounded like a pretty good deal) at the Whiteriver Amphitheater. I'd never been before. The drive that should have taken us an hour took over three. Missed both opening bands (The Sounds and Paramore, didn't mind because they suck and I've seen Paramore before) and the first couple No Doubt songs. The show itself was pretty good, but I am never again going to Auburn (too many casinos) and especially never going to Whiteriver. Hanging out in the parking lot after the show, waiting to be able to get out of there, these two guys came up to us. They thought they knew Liam and needed to borrow a phone. One of them was completely trashed and kept asking us what high school we went to and holding our hands. When they left, the drunk one hugged each of us (I never ever know what to do when strangers want to hug me and it happens all the time) and his friend told me I was cute. My favorite part of the night was probably that I just barely made it home without having to stop for gas. I'd borrowed my step-dad's car since mine was in the shop, and wanted to save my very limited cash to put gas in my own car when I get it back from the mechanic. But it was perfect.

While we were stuck in traffic, Amanda thought she heard an animal noise from the marsh next to the highway. A minute later, a girl from the car two cars ahead of us jumped out and ran across the highway (the lane next to us was an exit only and the cars in it were not stopped and were going very fast so it was a little sketchy) to the marsh and picked up a cat! She ran back to her car. Later, we were right behind them and both our windows were open, so we talked to them a bit. They told us they were going to name the kitty Adrien, and put it in the back window so we could see how cute it was. It was just a kitten. We told them how glad we were that they rescued it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

what do you do with a fashion blog when you never wear clothes?

Amanda and I went swimming this afternoon, after a terribly hot and exhausting walk on the trail. My god, we picked the worst time of the worst day to go for a long walk. It has been soooo hot here. I haven't posted in awhile because I'm in a bathing suit pretty much every day.

bikini - victoria's secret, sunglasses - thrifted

I got this bathing suit last summer. I had the same old one for several years before that, so I guess I was due for a new one. I like this one quite a lot, even though I was getting pretty sick of how trendy peace signs and tie dye were getting. Oh well. I'd like a really retro suit sometime, but I'm not quite sure it would suit me.

My hair looks insane after I've been swimming. I forgot how annoying bangs can be. You have to make sure they don't dry too crazy, all sticking up.

I love this lake. I've been swimming here all my life. It's small, and technically the beach is private, but a lot of my friends live up there and no one ever minds. Love it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

finally! sunglasses

shirt - pacsun, jeans - pacsun, shoes - converse, necklace - ghana, purse - hand me down, camera - yashica (from my mom's aunt)

I went shopping with Amanda the other day, after taking some pictures with this new camera. Well, really old, but new for me. It's awesome how once people hear you're into photography, specifically film, they start giving you all their old cameras. Some end out being quite nice and others aren't so good (I have a Canon that's really tough to use in manual mode, which is how I prefer to shoot) but it's really cool. Anyways, Amanda was looking for some jeans. Why are jeans that fit so hard to find? We ended up at PacSun and found a pair that were alright. Looks like they don't have my favorite jeans (the ones I'm wearing up there) any more. Bummer. I liked the straight leg, instead of skinny or bookcut, but oh well. Amanda found some nice skinny jeans, without too much weird fading, that she liked pretty well. We also went to Value Village. That was nice because I could actually afford stuff. Amanda found the cutest sundress ever and Dior silk scarf. I got two silk scarves and a pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses were broken, I was bummed when I found them because I liked them so much but they were missing an arm, which I found on the floor, so I got them for half off, which ended up only being a dollar. All I had to do to fix them was steal a screw out of another pair of broken sunglasses when I got home. I really really like them. The brand is Humphrey's, which I just think is the coolest name.