Sunday, October 25, 2009


sweater - stepdad's closet, jeans - express, shoes - converse

liam and his pumpkin, justina and her two small ones, and me and mine

As we do each fall, today we went to Two Brothers Pumpkin Patch and picked pumpkins. It's my favorite; it's small, local, family owned, and they have calves! These two were seriously the cutest things ever. Their names were Gabby and Cassie. After picking a punch of different pumpkins and gourds, we got some caramel apple cider took a walk on the trail to look at all the pretty leaves. Then Amanda had to go home, but the rest of us went back to my house for chicken soup and pumpkin pie (made from the tiny sugar pumpkins my mom grew in our garden!) and watched the Exorcist while we carved our pumpkins. It was kind of the perfect Fall day.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

maybe if i wasn't sleepy i could come up with a clever title

tee - pacsun, cardigan - thrifted uniqlo, hat - target, jeans - old navy, purse - vintage coach, shoes - converse

Today had some of the most intense rain I've experienced in a long time. It felt very Seattle so I decided to go with that feeling and dress a little grunge-ish. These jeans kind of fit weird (no curves, like they're made for boys) but they're pretty much all I wore in high school. All the fading and holes are completely natural (I hate pre-ripped, pre-faded jeans). I also really like this hat I wore a lot last winter. It looks better with bangs though. Which, I know, are way too long. I actually cut them after taking this picture. I'm not great at cutting hair, but they look ok. And I can finally see!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

facebook status: Rachel loves candy corn.

cardigan - thrifted, shirt - old, pants - gap, shoes - pf flyers

It kind of looks like I'm yelling at my hands but really I'm about to eat a bunch of candy corn all at once.

I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I've had this nasty cold or something that's just been lingering around and all I want to do is sleep. I skipped school twice this week. But I'm feeling better now, and I hung out with my dear friend Tommy who is living down in Olympia now, so I'm happy.

I promise a more exciting post shortly.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

happy birthday shane!

tee - vintage depeche mode, skirt - thrifted, tights - target, bag - thrifted dooney & burke, shoes - target, watch - step grandpa's

I went into Seattle today for a little surprise birthday party for my friend Shane. A group of us met outside his apartment and then rang the doorbell and shouted "surprise!" We had pie and played jenga and mario tennis.

The Depeche Mode tee is a requirement on the 10th of every month since it is the anniversary of seeing them live. Justina was disappointed I didn't wear the shirt I got at the concert, but it was dirty. I picked up this skirt at Value Village a couple days ago. I'm a little worried it makes me look short, but I really like it. It's hard to go wrong with a nice pleated wool skirt. I don't know how I survived without black flats for so long. Well, I guess I just wore sneakers with everything, which was frustrating. I feel like the weakest part of my outfits are usually my shoes, but shoes are damn expensive! Nice ones at least. I have the feeling these flats will be worn to death and that their death will come quickly considering how often I wear them. I also got this bag when I got the skirt. I really like the navy with tan trim. And usually I really hate Dooney & Burke bags, but this one actually looks nice. It was priced way too high but I did a little sneaky switching of price tags (bad, I know) and got it for $4.

Friday, October 9, 2009

lighting fires at school....not a pyro, it's for a class

shirt - thrifted gramicci, skirt - secondhand, tights - dkny, flats - target

I wore this today at school. There's nothing very exciting about it, although I'm really liking how I've been wearing jeans less often. This blog is serving it's purpose of forcing me to dress better. Yay! I was super stoked this morning when I found my case full of cassette tapes and actually had something to listen to on the way to school. (My mp3 player is dead, the only radio station I listen to, KEXP, is having a pledge drive, and I don't have a cd player in my car.) I ended up listening to the first mixtape Justina ever made for me, back in freshman year. It was my christmas present and she had no idea what I listened to (crap back then) but she made a really good mixtape all the same. And it has held up surprisingly well. At least half the bands on it I still listen to and like, and the other half are all funny or nostalgic now. I also fired my first piece for ceramics class yesterday. It was a raku piece, so we got to do it outside. Raku is awesome. It's definitely one of my favorite techniques because it's so unpredictable. You never know how the glazes will turn out. I also love that charcoal black the bare clay turns. So pretty!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I burn that gift to doll and let it shine before

Yesterday was the 14th anniversary of the release of Deftones' first album, Adrenaline (which was recorded in Seattle). To celebrate such an important date in history, Michael, Spike, Justina, and me all went over to Michael's mom's house to watch Deftones videos, eat cake, and drink in the middle of the day. Justina's brother has a Deftones live in Hawaii DVD, and last weekend we went to Neptune Music and Michael found a Deftones VHS. Justina also made a Deftones themed cake and brought a picture of Chino she drew back in 8th grade, and Michael and Spike picked drinks they thought Chino would like (we ended up with a Heineken mini-keg, Corona, and mimosas). After getting thoroughly drunk in the early afternoon, Justina and I went over to the hippies' house with my dad to sober up before driving home.

shirt - thrifted, belt - thrifted, leggings - silence & noise, flats - target, watch - step-dad's dad's

I felt like latex leggings were pretty appropriate for a Deftones party. Amanda gave these to me for my birthday, since I'd been joking about getting some shiney leggings, but I actually rather like them. They make me feel kind of like a robot with synthetic rubberized skin. I wore them with this men's XL flannel shirt I got at the thriftstore awhile back. The belt was also from the thriftstore, but I picked it up on the way to Seattle because I couldn't find any of my black belts. This one is rather wonderful, I love the little gold tone buckle. It was definitely a lucky find, as I was expecting to just pick up a plain, servicable, black belt. I also, after talking about my lack of black flats, picked up a pair at Target. They were cheap and surprisingly comfortable for Target shoes, so I'm pretty happy. Now all I need is a decent pair of black heels.

Friday, October 2, 2009

half dead pirate and a fish out of water

Today after school I drove to Seattle to visit Amanda, who has recently moved there from our small town. I miss her terribly. I miss driving over to her house in yucky clothes with dirty hair and no make-up to watch terrible tv, I miss eating dinner with her family, and I miss her coming over to bake and go for late night walks and get into silly/deep/ridiculous discussions. I miss our snarky bitchiness, even when it's directed at each other. Seeing her was awesome. It reminded me of all the reasons I love that girl and why she's my friend and my life would suck without her.

Unfortunately the big plan for the evening fell through because the delicious Trinidadian restaurant we wanted to go to, Pam's Kitchen, was closed because apparently Pam is ill. Instead we walked down to Than Bros for some pho (best pho in Seattle, and probably the cheapest too). Afterwards we went back to her place, got some mini-cakes and watched Community (hilarious show, you should be watching it).

jacket - target, cardigan - thrifted, tee - pacsun, skirt - from amanda, tights - dkny, shoes - pf flyers, jewelery - vintage necklace and earrings from claire's

I didn't really plan this, but I wore a skirt Amanda gave to me a couple years ago. She used to wear it all the time but I think it got to small for her and now it's one of my favorites to wear in the fall. As I said in my last post, I'm really liking how the colder weather is allowing for more layers and more interesting outfits. I definitely loved the summer and wearing hardly any clothes, but the time in between the hot part of summer and the true start of fall was pretty much a fashion wasteland for me. Nothing interesting about jeans and a t-shirt, as much as I respect that. (There is something freeing about tossing those on without a thought.) But now I can have fun again! Also, I think this outfit would be much better with black flats but I think I am the one person in the world who does not own a pair. Shopping tomorrow should remedy that (yeah, saving this paycheck for important things isn't going to happen).