Friday, August 24, 2012

oh fall... yes? you're early

dress - thrifted, tights - target, shoes - thrifted, bag - thrifted dooney & burke, glasses - joseph marc

It's true, that beautiful, hot, lazy, drunk, romantic thing we call summer is coming to a close. At least this year I indulged in some of my favorite summer activities before it ended. I even wore a bathing suit! Multiple times. We only had a couple weeks that were truly excellent but I packed a lot into those. Now I'm rather enjoying the late summer/early fall weather. Still nice, a little cooler. And the ability to wear things like my favorite thrifted booties and polka dot tights. Style can get a little boring when you're just trying to stay as naked as possible while still looking appropriate for going out in public.

Monday, August 20, 2012

girly twirly

I have been dressing super girly lately and I love it. I think summer does that to me? Don't worry, I'm still occasionally throwing on some badass boots and ripped tights with maybe cutoffs and a flannel, but those have all been late nights and I didn't bother taking pictures. Mostly though I've been working and girly skirts and sensible flats are what work there. Especially since I've got a weird thing going on with my foot and a lot of shoes are painful right now. I have to find a podiatrist. :(

dress, cardigan, socks - target, shoes - steve madden

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

my bed, which I've hardly slept in the past week

I've been putting off showing you all my new place because it's messy and I haven't finished unpacking but I did snap this shot right after I moved in. These bushes outside my bedroom window filter the light, giving it an amazing green, glowing quality.I love it.

Monday, August 13, 2012


pleather jacket - target, skirt - jack by bb dakota, tights - target, skates - southgate roller rink, lipstick - really red by revlon

So obviously I haven't been posting real regular lately. I've got all sorts of excuses (moving, summer fun, etc.) but whatever, right? You don't want to hear about that! I have some old pictures and I few I took during my unplanned hiatus.

My friend Michael had a birthday in June and to celebrate, we went roller skating. It was seriously so. much. fun. I haven't skated in YEARS and I was a bit unsteady at first, but after Michael skated with me for a bit, I picked it right back up. That boy can be a good one sometimes. I tottered out onto the rink, he teased me a bit, and then grabbed my hand and skated with me until I felt comfortable. After and before skating, we all went to a pretty dive-y bar and did some karaoke, and then me and my roommate got stranded and had to hang out at a casino until we could get a ride home. But we won't get into that.

the lovely bad things - - - blood on my moccasins

The Lovely Bad things!