Tuesday, May 31, 2011

summer needs to come alreadyyy

cardigan - urban outfitters, dress - target, tights - target, shoes - steve madden, purse - thrifted dooney & burke, sunglasses - topshop, nail polish - revlon minted

I just recently bought this cute sundress at Target. And this new nail polish, it is the best summer pastel-y color! That place is like girl-crack, for real. I returned some pants and ended up buying this dress, the nail polish and a bunch of other stuff. I loooove the dress though, and I think I'll be wearing it all the time this summer. I am in love with this kind of easy summer dress. And I've been surprisingly drawn towards pink sundresses, despite my general meh feelings towards pink.

I took these pictures last week sometime, I think. It was sometime that was actually sunny and felt like summer. I'm trying to find more open crochet type tights because they are the best thing ever for those in between days when you want some leg covering but it's too warm for anything opaque. Also, here's a secret: You totally can't tell if you have skipped way too many days of shaving your legs. I guess telling you that ruins my illusion of being classy and girly and ladylike lately. Oh well, I'm really scuzzy and I'm ok with that.

I took the following picture so you can see both my awesome nail color (it reminds me of Miami and the 80s but in a good way!) and my Topshop sunglasses. I like buying clothes and accessories when I travel because then every time you wear them, you are reminded of your awesome trip. So now every sunny day I will think of London. But don't look too terribly close at my manicure because I totally reached into my purse before they were dry and fucked it up. Another girly failure and one I seem to be doomed to repeat every time.

Monday, May 30, 2011

elephant rides

shirt - thrifted, cords - gap, boots - thrifted, purse - thrifted dooney & burke, glasses - zenni optical

This is a total lazy work outfit. We got a new elephant for kids to ride outside the store and my coworker convinced me to pose on it. We're a bit of a goofy bunch.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

skipping in the park

sweater - icelandica, tshirt - pacsun, skirt - old, socks - target, boots - seychelles, purse - thrifted dooney & burke, glasses - zenni optical

This is another in my series of super lady-like outfits I wore after returning from Europe. And now you can finally see the sweater from Iceland better. I really adore it, and I think I'll get a lot more use out of it next winter/fall. It's starting to get too warm for it, since the wool is incredibly thick and warm. This is also a better view of the lace-up boots I bought awhile back. They are exactly like the ones my grandma had in the sixties and I love them. I'm pretty sure I talked about them before, but you can see them better in these pictures.

I took these pictures in a local park awhile ago. I met a friend for coffee and then went to the park by myself and sat by the river and read a book. It was lovely. This is something I never used to do. I was really bad at spending time by myself and would never really go out if I didn't have someone to hang out with. But after my adventures in solo travel, which involved a lot of doing things on my own, I have discovered I like spending time by myself.

I can't figure out what I want to do with my hair these days! I sort of accidentally started growing out my bangs when I didn't have time to get them cut before leaving and then they got too long while I was away. Now I'm mostly pinning them back and occasionally doing this side swept thing but I'm not sure if I actually want to grow them out. I do rather like this braid thing I did, but I kind of miss my blunt bangs. Thoughts?

Monday, May 16, 2011


Stopped by Half Price Books after work today to pick up a couple a books and ended up buying a ton of tapes. I think like 20 or so? Weird stuff mainly, and bad stuff. Thought my bag-less carry technique was kind of funny looking so I snapped a picture as I got into my car. Which is not the one behind me. My car is not that shiny. It is dented and has green stuff growing on it.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

part two of dressing like a girl

Went to this art thing in Olympia the other week. The weather was beautiful and I decided to wear this vintage dress I picked up in London. It's got a sweet, super easy shape and a kind of funky pattern. I like that it's not super fitted and there's no zippers. I can see myself wearing it a LOT this summer. I ate ice cream (pistachio gelato YUM), watched a goofy parade, saw my friends band play, and bought a weird apple print smock at a thrift store. I'm going to try pairing it with cutoffs this summer. I think it might work.

dress - vintage (london), cardigan - uo, tights - target, shoes - steve madden, belt - thrifted, purse - thrifted coach, sunglasses - topshop (london)

the fabulous downey brother (otherwise known as fabdownbros)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Since I've been home from my trip (I'm working on the pictures, I promise), I've been dressing super vintage and girly. Well, not all the time, but every time I've bothered to take pictures. Never fear, I will never leave my combat boots, short skirts, and flannel behind entirely. I am a Seattle girl, after all.

skirt - h&m (old), sweater - icelandica, sunglasses - topshop, tights - target, clogs - jeffrey campbell, purse - thrifted coach

See? While none of this is actual vintage, it has such a vintage look/silhouette. I got this skirt ages ago, when I was like fifteen in NY. H&M did not exist on the west coast yet, so we were crazy excited for cheap, fashionable clothes. I never really figured out how to wear this skirt because it wasn't really my style.* It's seersucker, super full and pleated, and awfully fun to wear. It actually has suspenders, which I didn't wear in this outfit, but I might try something soon with those. 

The sweater is from Iceland and was my most expensive purchase from my travels. On my way to Iceland, I read a little and watched a video about the country. Both mentioned Icelandic wool sweaters and their super traditional designs. I loved the look of them but totally didn't think I would see tons of people wearing them. WRONG. Oh my god, at least a quarter of all the people I saw in Iceland were wearing some variation on this sweater. Pullover, cardigan, zipped, dress, oversized, cropped . . . they all had the traditional patterned yoke. This particular one is actually a child's sweater because I couldn't afford the adult sweaters. I think it works as a kind of cropped, three-quarters sleeves sort of way. Right?

I also bought the sunglasses while traveling but I'll have more detailed pictures of both those and the sweater in coming posts. Although I haven't been super faithful with the photo taking lately, and have been absolutely abysmal when it comes to actual blogging, I'm feeling like I'm ready to get back into it and make it a regular thing. Unusually, this blogging break has not coincided with a slump in my style, which kind of makes me feel like this blog's purpose has been fulfilled but I honestly miss blogging so I think I'll stick around.**

*Ha! Like I had style when I was fifteen.
**Woah! Too much alliteration, entirely unintentional.