Friday, May 29, 2009

you know the place to stop, on novelty hill

A couple weeks ago I went to a party in Seattle with some of my friends. JAR met Michael and his friend Brady in Seattle, and their friends Spike and Harley (all of these guys were at the party in Bellingham a while back too) met us all there too. We went to this place in Georgetown called the FBK House and saw a couple bands play.

The FBK House was kinda crazy (they have a sign asking people shooting up in the bathroom to use the provided sharps container) but fun, and the bands were rocking. At least that's what I remember, I got pretty twisted that night and moshed pretty hardcore. There was also some cuteness between Amanda and Harley and some ridiculousness on my part.

Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures as I was drinking to0 much, but here's one of me and J where you can't see my outfit, like, at all.

And since I fell asleep in my clothes, here's a shot from the next morning where you can see what I'm wearing. I love this shirt and always get comments on it when I wear it. There's way more Depeche Mode fans out there than I would think. Oh, I didn't actually wear my glasses to the party, and my hair started out a lot nicer looking. It was completely pulled up in a neat ponytail, without all those bits hanging in my face.

sweater - thrifted, band shirt - vintage depeche mode, jeans - express, shoes - converse.

And this is what I woke up to that morning. I apparently knocked over my mirror trying to get to bed when I got home, and my clothes were already all strewn about from looking for my sweater the night before and I don't know what else, but my room looked like a tornado had gone through it.

I also woke up with an unexplained swollen lip and a stiff and bruised back. I'm guessing it was from all the moshing; I think I may have fallen down at least once, and I probably bit my lip too.

We also apparently got yelled at by some crazy old lady after she hit a parked car across the street somewhere in between Dick's and Michael's new apartment. I remember this not a bit.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

homework in the park

I've been spending a lot of time in parks lately, apparently. Couple weeks ago, Amanda and I went to the park in town to work on homework. We didn't get a whole lot of work done, but it was sunny and pleasant.

We blew and made wishes on dandelions.

And made daisy chains.

And I danced in the grass like the hippie I am.

tie-dye - diy, pants - pacsun, shoes - some gladiators i don't remember, sweatshirt - american apparel

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

picnic in a park

So these are some not so exciting pictures from quite awhile back, when I skipped class to go have a picnic in the park by my school with Justina and Liam. It was right after Liam got back from touring, so it was really cool to hang with them both. I hadn't seen him in several months. Now I think he'll be gone for awhile again, which is kind of a bummer. But this afternoon was really really fun.

(yeah, I look drunk)
pants - express, moccasins - target, shirt - target, sweatshirt - american apparel

I've got several more posts, both old and new lined up for the next couple days. Lots of great pictures from Sasquatch, which was awesome by the way (I'll probably talk more about bands than clothes), and I still need to show you my photos from last quarter.

Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm back just to say...

...I'll be gone all weekend at SASQUATCH.

I've been terrible lately, and I'm not quite sure what my excuse is. I have some pictures from the last few weeks, which I will post when I get back. I was going to try to get them up before leaving, but it looks like that's not going to happen. It is five o'clock in the morning now, and I have yet to sleep. I've been busy packing and getting ready for the weekend. I also finally picked up my last quarter work from my photography class, so expect a post for those soon. And I'm sure to have lots of awesome pictures from Sasquatch, so the blog should be an exciting place as soon as I get back. (If you don't know, Sasquatch is a music festival that takes place at a really amazing venue, the Gorge, which is all the way on the other side of the mountains. Beautiful location and awesome bands, I'll tell you all about it when I get back.)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

things I want

the urban outfitters edition

I'm too poor to be buying any of this, but this is what I'm currently lusting after.

The dress and skirt are both on sale for $50 down from $70 and the shirt is $42. I think I ought to want to just make my own version of the shirt, but I just don't think I could get the holes that uniform. Which is why I like it so much. It's weird, because it's not really my usual style. I love the dress because it sort of reminds me of eyelet, but like a modern take on eyelet. And I love white and yellow eyelet sundresses. So I really really want the dress. I love the paperbag waist of the skirt. I would wear it all summer with a little tanktop like shown and sandals. I might be able to afford one of these but certainly not all. What should I choose?

Saturday, May 2, 2009


So I've decided to move my blog. Originially the Era Vera one was supposed to be about crafting and cooking, but when I got interested in blogging about fashion I just started doing it there. Now I feel like my fashion and crafting need separate places (although there will probably be some overlap) and so am starting a new blog (with all my fashion posts from Era Vera imported over here, yay).

Anyways, I have pictures of what I wore last weekend. I went to a family birthday (my stepdad and two uncles) and wore a ridiculous shirt.

shirt - thrifted, pants - express, shoes - vans

I bought this shirt at a thriftstore in Ellensburg when I was there for the jazz festival several years ago. My mom, grandparents, and aunt and uncle were going, and I brought Justina and this guy, Seth, we were hanging out with a lot back then. (Who neglected to tell us he was vegan until we got there, despite the fact I asked if anyone had any sort of dietary restrictions that we needed to account for.) We camped and it was lots of fun, although the jazz itself was pretty boring. But we did a lot of swinging on swings late at night and Seth taught me to finally jump off a swing while it was still moving.

The shirt reminds me of something that would be a uniform for a someone working at a fast food restaurant/burger joint in the 50s. Not sure why. It's really king of a gross shirt, it's a little shiny. Seth totally disapproved of me buying it. But I like it in this outfit and only wish I had higher waisted pants to wear with it.

(by the way, if you get what the name of this new blog is indirectly referencing, you are cool. and no, simply translating it will not tell you the answer.)