Wednesday, September 30, 2009



coat - gap, cardigan - thrifted, tee - pacsun, pants - gap, shoes - pf flyers, pewter bird necklace - vintage, scarf - mom's, bag - mom's

This was another work/school outfit. With colder weather, I'm definitely definitely dressing better, as I predicted. I got this coat several years ago and don't wear it very often, but I'm not sure why. It has a good shape, has a nice collar detail, fairly warm, and has a pretty lining. I love this necklace. A friend of my family's gave it to me years ago and unfortunately two of the little birds' tails have broken off. I still love it. I've started carrying this bag more because it fits all my school stuff; watercolor paints and paper, lunch, books, etc. And I stole the scarf I'm wearing in my hair from my mom. It's long and fairly thin so I just wrapped it around twice and tied it in the back.

I got paid yesterday, so who wants to go shopping with me? Haha, actually this paycheck is earmarked for school stuff, but the next one is totally going to be a shopping spree.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

depeche to deftones

flannel shirt - thrifted from little boys department, pants - gap, shoes - pf flyers, sunglasses - thrifted humphrey's

Yesterday after work Justina and I headed into Seattle for a party Shane and his roomies were throwing a party at their place in the U District. We had fun but everyone else left by 12:30. What kind of party is that? Justina, Amanda, Harry, Shane and I hung out in his room until about 3, writing songs about absent friends and starting tickle fights. J and I stayed at Shane's and then today we met up with Michael and went to Memo's (it's this 24 hours Mexican place on the Ave) and then Neptune Music to look for Deftones videos and Depeche Mode records, and after hung in the park.

I wore my favorite flannel last night, but changed into jeans before going to the party. I'd just washed my work pants and didn't want to spill stuff all over them and go to work smelling all boozey. I'm thinking I need a haircut again. Although I love the long hair, it's kind of a pain and only looks good part of the time. The bangs definitely need a trim again too. I threw an extra shirt in my bag last night so I had something clean to wear today, which is always nice when you're not going straight home. I still looked scuzzy as shit though.

tank - gap, jeans - pacsun, shoes - pf flyers

Thursday, September 24, 2009

class sched: watercolor, darkroom, ceramics

coat - old navy

Well, I've had my first week of school now. I only have classes two days a week and I'm only taking art classes this quarter. This should be fun. My day is rather long, especially on Tuesdays, when I have to go to work right after school so I'm out of the house from about 8:30 am to 9:30 pm. I think I'll survive though.

tee - delia's, sweater - thrifted uniqlo, jeans - pacsun, shoes - pf flyers, necklace - gift from ghana

This is one of my favorite necklaces. I have some family from Ghana and they gave me this necklace. The beads are swirled red and white glass and feel super cold when you put it on but warm up to your body temperature and feels really nice after awhile. I think I need to cut my bangs again. They're all in my eyes again.

Monday, September 21, 2009

just waiting for my paycheck

cardigan - target, tee - pacsun, pants - gap, shoes - pf flyers

Another work outfit. I'm getting better about finding things that don't make me totally depressed in their boringness for work. It helped that yesterday morning was rather cold, so I could wear the cardigan. I also wore a neclace with this sweet blown glass pendant and some little earrings, and left my hair down, all of which made me happier about how I loooked. Talking to a coworker yesterday, I realized that it's probably not a big deal to wear printed shirts, as long as my apron covers them. Who would even know? And yeah, we have to wear aprons. Ugh. But on the bright side, I've had several ideas for knitting projects and I need to get art supplies for school (starts tomorrow...why oh why did I register for a 9 am class?) and I can get them all at work for 20% off.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

a post for a rainy day

coat - old navy, concert tee - depeche mode, skirt - secondhand, tights - garage sale dkny, shoes - converse

I wore this yesterday when Justina and I went to look at Halloween stuff. Sparkly skulls, bats, and such seem to be really popular this year and I like it.

I originally wore this with a different skirt, a plaid pencil skirt, and I liked it better like that, but the skirt was just way too small and it was uncomfortable. I like the black skirt too though. These tights are seriously the best tights I've ever had. I got them new in the package at a garage sale several years ago and they've held up amazingly well. They're microfiber and ribbed and totally opaque, so I wear them any time I need black tights.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

do the puyallup

On Wednesday Justina and I went to the Puyallup Fair with Liam and his friends Spike and Ben. I hadn't been in a couple of years because Puyallup is kind of out of the way and fairs are expensive, but we missed the Evergreen State Fair this year and I really wanted to go to a fair. I love fairs!

shirt - gap, jeans - pacsun, purse - vintage coach with vintage silk scarf, shoes - pf flyers

I got this shirt when I was shopping for work pants. It was on sale and I really like it, even though it's a little big. I like the way it looks like I'm wearing a guy's shirt though. And the white color and cuffs with the blue shirt is just awesome. I'm still loving the PF Flyers. They are ridiculously comfortable and just look awesome, in my opinion. Favorite sneakers ever.

The boys played games but didn't win anything, and we ate tons of cotton candy and other junk and went on lots and lots of rides. We rode all three roller coasters, even the super old one where you think the car is totally going off the rails.

justina and me

spike and liam

ben flipping me off while wearing a poncho

Friday, September 18, 2009


went to the fair the other day and took pictures in the photobooth. full post tomorrow when I'm not tired and I'm home for more than 15 minutes before going out again.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

blah blah blah

pants - gap, tee - pacsun, shoes - pf flyers, headband - claire's, purse - vintage coach

Gosh, I have had the nicest comments lately. You guys all rock. It really makes me happy to see I have new comments on a post. More followers or people linking to this blog from their own blog would also rock, if you're so inclined. And if I don't have a link to your blog and you think I should let me know! There's so many awesome blogs out there and I love discovering new ones.

This was another work outfit, so by definition boring. I'm already sick of the dresscode. I think it might be better in the winter when I can layer more, but right now anything more than a t-shirt is too hot for me. The first couple days I wore cardigans but it was too much. And when you're not allowed to have anything printed on a shirt, solid colored tees and the same pants get realllly boring. I'm definitely thinking about how I can mix it up but don't have any great ideas yet. I guess one thing I could do is wear skirts/dresses sometimes, since those seem to be fine as long as their not too short. I did have to go up on a ladder once but it seems like that will be pretty rare. I never could wear skirts or dresses when I worked at Bed Bath & Beyond because there was too much climbing of ladders and I would have been constantly flashing both customers and coworkers (and there were creepy members of both groups).

I am loving the new shoes. They're ridiculously comfortable and make me quite happy. I also wore a headband today, for the first time in ages. I got a few compliments on it, but I'm just not sure it suits me. It's super cute, with the bow and that awesome bronze color, but I don't know. I don't think I'm a headband person, especially skinny ones. I think wide headbands and bandanas or scarves suit me much better.

I also painted my nails yesterday and I love this color. When my nails are long I only like dark or bright colors, but definitely no red. Red I only do on short nails. This purple and a dark blue I have are two of my favorite colors to use. I think I'm going to try to wear more jewelry in order to make work outfits more interesting. I have tons and tons of amazing pieces which I never wear. I'll probably be taking pictures, even when they're not that exciting, just to encourage me to wear it more. But how the hell do you take attractive close ups of jewelry? Always seems to look weird to me.

rings - great grandmother's, bracelet - mom's from england

Well this has certainly been a poorly written, rambling post but you must forgive me. It's rather late and I was at work today and I just wanted to get a post up before going to bed. Tomorrow I am going to the fair with some friends. I am most excited for photobooths and the ferris wheel, and maybe some cotton candy.

Monday, September 14, 2009

hear angel trumpets and devil trombones. you are invited.

tank - gap, jeans - pacsun

This is a pretty lazy outfit, but I'm definitely liking these tanktops. Perfect amount of bagginess and a nice little pocket. I wore this today while I listened to records and wrote letters. That's seriously all I did all day. Well, there was a little cleaning too, which was good. My room is starting to be livable once again, but I'm so bloody sick of these stupid blue walls and the even worse blue trim. Definitely need to repaint, and soon.

Yesterday one of my eyes was bugging me and I kept rubbing it and ended up with all the makeup from that eye rubbed off. Surprisingly, I thought it looked kind of neat, so I decided to try it for real today. Heavy black eyeliner on one eye and only mascara on the other.

My shoes arrived today! I ordered them quite awhile ago and was super excited for them to arrive. I love them so so much. They're suede and leather and fit perfectly. Love them.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

pills and thrills and daffodills will kill

tank - gap, pants - gap, sweater - secondhand, shoes - vans, purse - vintage coach, sunglasses - thrifted humphrey's

These are my new pants (and a new tanktop) I got for work. I really like them, they fit awesome and are super comfortable. I had the sweater for work later on, since obviously I can't just wear a tanktop. But it was really hot yesterday, like summer again. Justina and Amanda met me when I got off work at nine and we went into Seattle to hang out with our friend Shane. We ended up going to a midnight showing of Purple Rain at the Egyptian (Amanda and Shane had never seen it before) and sneaking in a bottle of whiskey. It was kind of the most awesome thing ever. Some people we vaguely knew, friends of a friend, were at the movie as well and we started chatting with them while we were waiting for the bus back to the U District. We all caught the same bus and they invited us back to their place for some homebrew beers. It was a pretty great night.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

summer = officially over

coat - old navy, sweater - thrifted, where the wild things are tee - urban outfitters, jeans - pacsun, shoes - converse

Labor Day was super rainy and grey here so my mom and I decided to go shopping. She usually doesn't like to shop much, but I really needed some pants for work (my first day was yesterday). We're not allowed to wear jeans and I discovered that I really don't have any non-jean pants. Well, I've got those corduroys I wore the other day, but they're so baggy and sloppy I didn't feel like they'd be appropriate. So I convinced my mom to go to the Gap with me and found some nice dark grey pants. I really dig them. I also got a couple shirts; a nice blue button up, a sheer green ruffled top, and two tank tops. There was a bunch of clearance stuff, plus they had a sale where if you bought more than three items, all your stuff was 25% off. Pretty sweet.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

if only they knew helter skelter was about an amusement park ride

corduroys - delia's, tshirt - pacsun

Sunday was a ridiculously lazy day. I cleaned my room on Saturday and was kinda digging the clean and made bed and neat room. It's amazing how awesome a clean room is. Since summer is thoroughly over here now (so sad) the rain has started and it was cold and yucky. Perfect weather for slouchy corduroys though. I spent the whole rainy, yucky day reading up on the Manson Family. I've read Helter Skelter several times (first when I was about 11) but I ended up rereading some bits and pieces of it and doing some research online. There's so much I don't think we'll ever know for sure about how it all went down and what everyone's roles were.

Monday, September 7, 2009

in through the window, around the back, through to the front, and off jumps jack

A couple days ago I taught my friend Tommy how to knit. He's been bugging me the entire time I've known him to teach him, but we never got around to it. He was housesitting up the road from me and road his bike down to my house so I could teach him. We found some yarn and needles and I taught him how to cast on and then how to knit. He picked it up really quickly and has surprisingly neat stitches. After he got the hang of it, I decided to pick up this double knit scarf I hadn't worked on about a year.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

glasses glasses glasses

As I mentioned awhile back, I've been looking for new glasses. (I'm also looking for prescription sunglasses since the thing that annoys me most when I'm wearing glasses instead of contacts is not being able to put on sunglasses when I'm driving. Also, there's no way I'm using clip on sunglasses shades or dorky transition lenses.) I've been looking at Zenni Optical mainly, because they're so cheap. I've looked at a couple other sites as well, but they don't have anything I like better and they're more expensive. So here's some glasses I'm considering (all from

First, a basic pair. I like the shape, and these are in the very cheapest category. I'm a little disappointed they don't have solid black, but the green on the inside is kind of neat.

I also like them in a clear frame. Kind of hilarious. There's also black with clear, but I like those less than the black and green.

I also quite like these, they're just a little nerdier seeming to me. And come in solid black, which is nice.

The half-rim thing on these is kind of nice, but I sort of think they look too much like those cheap reading glasses they sell in drugstores without a prescription.

I like them in green best.

The shape of these kind of reminds me of my Humphrey's sunglasses, and I love the tortoiseshell frame. Basically I think these are really nice, but maybe not ugly/ridiculous enough for me.

I've always wanted a pair of cats eye glasses, but I'm not sure they'd work on my face. I think these are a nice shape though, not too extreme but still solidly cats eye.

The black is fine and probably most wearable, but I absolutely love them in that translucent red.

I'm also looking for something I could put tinted lenses with my prescription in. I need a pair of sunglasses. These ones work as big, face covering frames.

I actually like that weird clear/brown pattern, but there's also black, tortoiseshell, and white.

Finally, these could be either Buddy Holly style glasses or Wayfarer type sunglasses. I like them both ways.

The one glasses style I have not been able to find is a pair of browline frames, like what Malcolm X wore. They seem to be impossible to find, but I want a pair so bad. Look how sexy he looks.

So what do you think? Any styles you particularly like or dislike? Let me know your favorites or which ones you think would look like crap on me. Or give me suggestions of other styles you think I might like.