Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Over the River


I might just be totally obsessed with the Spokane river (it is SUCH a good river) but as soon as I saw that there were gondolas you could ride across the river, I knew I wanted to do it. Nicole told us that was on her "Spokane Bucket List" but we figured it was going to be too expensive. Um, not at all! Only $7.50 each, which is TOTALLY reasonable for how completely gorgeous it is. We chose to take a ride in the early evening which was utterly perfect as the sun was streaming through the arches of the bridge and just absolutely lighting up the mist from the falls. I mean, it was amazing. I'm so glad we did it! I took masses of pictures of course and absolutely FREAKED over this adorable goose we saw as we turned at the end of the track to head back up. It had a little nest right under us!

crane spotting

blouse - urban outfitters, skirt - thrifted, belt - thrifted, tights - target, boots - thrifted

I see this crane out by my favorite lunch/picture taking spot near work pretty often, but this time he wandered around in the water quite close to me instead of perching on a log too far away for a good picture. I snapped away. He is really very majestic, don't you think?

Monday, June 18, 2012

silly shorts

denim jacket - thrifted, tee - pacsun, scarf - thrifted, floral shorts - target, tights - target, clogs - jeffrey campbell, purse - thrifted dooney & burke

I bought these high waisted floral shorts despite concerns that they might be thoroughly ridiculous but dudes, I LIKE them. Like, a lot. They make my butt look fantastic, and basically just look like a super short skirt. They're amazingly flattering and I can already tell I'll be wearing them a TON this summer.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sister City

Apparently Spokane has a sister city in Japan, called Nishinomiya and we happened to stumble upon the Nishinomiya Park after getting pastries at a nearby bakery and cafe. It was so cute and peaceful and I got really obsessed with this one koi fish in the pond. I love koi and always have. They're just cool fish, ok? And also my dad built a pond in our backyard when I was very little and we had a few fish that got pretty big. I loved watching them, and so did my cat.

We took masses of pictures of course, because it was so beautiful. In fact, I totally ran my camera battery down and we had to go back to Nicole's place to charge it before going out again that afternoon Spokane really had a lot of unexpected delights. It was a much prettier and more pleasant city than I ever thought.

dress - thrifted, tights - hansel from basel, moccasins - minnetonka, purse - thrifted dooney & burke, sunglasses - topshop (london)

Friday, June 15, 2012

frutas y chiles secos

denim jacket - thrifted, sweatshirt - craft fair, jeans - gap, moccasins - minnetonka, bag, thrifted

This has basically been my uniform this spring. Especially for barbecues or other eating outdoors sort of occasions. It just feels right. I bought the bag at Value Village with Emily a couple weeks ago and she HATES it. She thinks it's ugly and stupid. Which it kind of is. I mean, I'm carrying around a plastic shopping tote with a bunch of pictures of food and a phone number for Oaxaca, Mexico on it. But it reminds me of my days of picking up funny orthodontist tshirts in the little boys aisle of the thrift store and wearing the SHIT out of them. That was totally my style for, oh, most of high school. You can't blame me for feeling a little nostalgic for the ugly and weird.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

new shades, new polish

I know I've been awfully MIA lately, but I just moved! To a house! In Seattle! With some great people! Can you tell I'm excited? It's a cute, pretty big house and I have three roommates, a cat, and a dog. My room is rather small, but has potential. It's currently a mess of boxes and junk, but I've been staying since Friday night and just gradually getting stuff organized. I still have masses of things to deal with back home in Duvall, but I'm taking it slowly and not getting stressed. I have grand plans for my little space, and can't wait to show you pictures, but I don't want you to see anything until it's finished. Maybe a shot of my nicely organized closet?

In the meantime, I thought I'd show you my new green sunnies from Target and my new glitter nailpolish. The color is "Popular" by Revlon (totally loving their polishes lately) and I love that kind of murky quality of a colored base with glitter. I think this shot is pretty accurate. It's an extremely soft pink with big and small silver glitter. I really enjoyed the contrast of super girly nails with my beat to shit denim jacket. Unfortunately, since I took that photo I had to work at the warehouse and now my nails look as raggedy as the jacket. I broke about half of them and chipped the rest, so we're going short for awhile. 

I've really been into doing my nails lately. It's so weird, but I think Pinterest and the too many nail blogs I read are to blame. I want all the polishes! I recently looked at holo and magnetic polishes at Ulta, and I think they're SO COOL but also kind of ugly? I dunno, the colors might work better in fall.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

River at Night

One of the coolest parts of our Spokane trip was the evening when we walked over several of the bridges over the Spokane river at night. It is a BIG river and is rushing and there's waterfalls and stuff and seeing it at night was just SO COOL. I mean, look at these pictures. Look at that rushing water. Leaning over the bridge, you feel the spray on your skin and it just makes you HAPPY. 

The Search for the Perfect Cowboy Boots: Unsuccessful to Date

I think god doesn't want me to have cowboy boots. I'm serious. No really, I am. I swear, I have been searching for a good pair for years, and they always slip past. I'll admit, sometimes it's my fault. I have passed on pairs that were a little more than I wanted to spend and they've haunted me.  Or there was the time that I didn't try on the most perfect pair of high black ones because I wasn't wearing socks and they weren't size marked and I was TERRIFIED I would get my sweaty feet stuck in them. I still think of those boots. They were very similar to the ones I tried on in Spokane (wasn't wearing socks then either, but J took off her own shoe and lent me a sock so I could try them anyways like a TRUE BEST FRIEND) but even taller! Probably the most perfect boots I've ever seen. 

I thought when I saw the wall of boots at this thrift store in Spokane run by a gross old hippy dude I secretly loved that maybe I had a chance, a chance to finally find the one true boot! To redeem myself for not even trying the perfect boots. So I tried on a few pairs, but alas, they just didn't fit. In the picture, I was struggling mightily to pull that boot off my foot. Thank the dear sweet lord I didn't try it on sockless. Despite not finding anything to fill that boot-shaped hole in my heart and closet, this thrift store was a delight! Entire racks of denim jackets, ridiculous pants, whole other racks of old tie-dye, boots, pink maribou heels (do you SEE those next to me??), all piled up and jammed in so you could barely get between the racks. My kind of place.

I suppose if I want cowboy boots so badly, and I DO, maybe I ought to be more proactive in procuring them. I could troll ebay, or even consider buying them new. But ebay seems dangerous considering how much trouble I have fitting into the ones I run across in real life, and new boots are awfully pricey. I also don't want to lose the fantasy of stumbling across the perfect pair in some dingy, poorly lit shop, preferably in a small town east of the mountains. And what COLOR should I buy? So far I've tried on anything that might possibly fit and which I like the shape of (I prefer a tall, slender boot with a not overly pointed toe, but also nothing round or square. Basically it should come to a point but that point should not be too long.) and figured that if it fits, I'll buy it regardless of color. But I seem to be most drawn to black boots, although I think brown would probably be most versatile.

Girls, this is HARD. I want the boots so bad, but they must be perfect. I don't think I've ever had quite such a hard time finding something I like. I mean, I also do not own the perfect leather jacket, but I haven't been actively looking the way I've looked for cowboy boots. I'm talking beeline to the boot section of any vintage store and gleeful excitement and anticipation if the selection looks promising. Followed, inevitably, by crushing disappointment when NOTHING fits my damn feet. Until I find something that does, I guess I'll just keep searching. And maybe burn some incense in front of a shrine of cowboys and western movie stars I may or may not be assembling in my closet. Now where'd I put that photo of John Wayne?