Sunday, July 25, 2010


Again, this one is from awhile back. Specifically the summer Solstice. We went to Fremont, skipped the parade, but did check out the fair stuff going on. Fremont (a neighborhood in Seattle) is pretty well known for the Solstice parade, and also for the fact that there is a lot of nudity at said parade. So yeah, I saw a lot of naked people, especially of the "don't want to see that" variety, both with body paint and entirely bare. But there was also a lot of really great stuff, like this totally rad old man doing a live action video game. He held the frame and puppets were controlled by the joystick. It was the happiest thing I've seen in a long time. Also, we saw a really cute boy in a band. I think the band was called Ravenna Woods, but I'm not sure. Actually, there were a lot of cute boys, wearing a lot of flannel, all day. For being the summer SOLSTICE, it was a really chilly day. My friend Liam also bought this hilarious skull headed staff to replace one his friend had stolen from a party. Nothing livens up a walk around the city like voodoo staff.

shirt - buffalo exchange, cardigan - urban outfitters, jeans - urban outfitters, sandals - contributor by rachel comey, bag - liberty of london for target

I felt that wearing something rather dreamy and ethereal was appropriate for the longest day of the year, despite the lousy weather. And I woke up with a kind of crazy hair action going on which I rather loved. Added a braid and threw it up in a messy bun. I actually have a dress that's very similar to this shirt, but I need to fix the smocking at the waist. It actually used to be my mom's and it's really beautiful.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

ghosthunters seattle

90s dress - thrifted, sweater - urban outfitters, tights - target, boots - thrifted, depeche mode necklace - gift, lipstick - really red by revlon

Holy shit, this is old! And blurry, so sorry for that. I know I say this all the time, but I'm really behind and I need to blog a bunch of old shit before I totally forget about it. I wore this probably . . . about a month ago. A friend of Liam's organized this ghost tour in Seattle. A guide takes you to all these supposedly haunted and supernatural places around Pike Place Market. It was kind of a blast. I didn't see a single ghost, but there is this one sculpture that is supposedly where a bunch of energy lines converge and also the former site of Princess Angeline's (she was the daughter of Chief Seattle, or more accurately Si'ahl) house, and when you hold your hand over it in just the right place you're supposed to feel something like a tingle or magnetic repulsion. I THINK I might have felt something. It was weird. Anyways, I think this might be the first picture in which I'm wearing my new (at least at the time) boots. They're exactly like those brown ones I have, the ones I think of as my logging boots, except these are black and a little shiny. But they're the same brand and equally comfortable, and were very cheap at the thrift store. Cheaper than army surplus combat boots, so I'm happy.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


shirt - urban outfitters, skirt - old, tights - dkny, shoes - converse, purse - thrifted coach, glasses - zenni optical

This outfit is kind of a combination of lazy and cute, with my glasses and pinned back bangs, and then the skirt and actually rather cute floral print tee. Also, I took a picture in the break room while wearing my apron. I'm starting to have a pretty good collection of pins on my apron. My favorites are the random band pins for my friends bands that no one has heard of. I always have to explain those.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

triple texas take two

shirt - gap, shorts - diy, moccasins - minnetonka, sunglasses - thrifted

90s dress - childhood hand-me-down, shoes - random online store, denim jacket - thrifted levis, peacock feather earrings - gift

tank - target, shorts - diy, moccasins - minnetonka, bag - liberty for target

These are pretty much the last of my Texas pictures. Or at least the last of what I'll post. I might throw up a few from the plane ride home since the sunset was amazing, but these are all the outfit ones. I also don't have much to say about them. I like wearing shorts with long sleeve button ups like in outfit #1, but it was kind of uncomfortable in that heat. Obviously, I love the Minnetonkas. I was only able to wear the jean jacket in outfit #2 because we had been in a movie theater. Actually, you should see Exit Through the Gift Shop. It's a really good documentary about street art and a guy called Mr. Brainwash and how he got real famous real fast. I kind of fell in love with Shepard Fairey in it. Boy is adorable! Outfit #3 is, I think, the first time I've shown off the wonderfully enormous Liberty for Target bag I got right before leaving. It is a great bag. I think I've got some pictures that show the print better but I also just love how much STUFF I can fit in it. Great for travel, great for work. Not so good for a party or concert.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

summer camp counselor

pocket tee - gap, shorts - thrifted, shoes - old, bag - thrifted, silk scarf - childhood dress up box, sunglasses - thrifted

Wow, this is a pretty heavily thrifted outfit. Which I didn't even realize until I started writing the post. It also features three new items. I found the mini picnic basket awhile back, I think sometime in the winter. I knew I'd have to wait for the summer, but I'm SO glad I bought it. I bought the shorts more recently. Um, never thought I would love pleated, high waisted, cuffed, khaki shorts so much. But I do. The sunglasses are new from the thriftstore as well, but I'll talk about them sometime I get a better picture. You really can't see them well. The day I wore this, I was thinking about summer camp a lot. I went to a few different camps as a kid, both sleep away and day camps. I want to roast marshmallows and sing campfire songs. I think I look like a summer camp counselor, except, you know, wearing heels. Which were actually insanely comfortable. Thank you low-ish wedges! I like being able to walk long distances and run.

Instead, I'll leave you with a picture of my dear friend looking AMAZING in her mom's high waisted denim shorts from the 70s. Doesn't get more authentically vintage than that. Stealing clothes from your mom is the best thing because you realize that hey, she might have been cool once. Or maybe still is. Also, here's a picture of me with a mexican blanket worn like a cape from the same day. Kinda goofy.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

triple texas

tee - depeche mode concert, jeans - gap, moccasins - minnetonka, purse - thrifted coach

tee - pacsun, skirt - vintage, heels - jeffrey campbell, purse - coach, watch - grandpa's

90s dress - thrifted, purse - coach, sandals - online somewhere

Thought I'd post a couple Texas outfits at once so it doesn't take FOREVER to get through them. I want to post recent stuff now! So let's get this older stuff out of the way. I have such a backlog of pictures I want to get up here.

Anyways, the outfits... The first was the one and only time I wore jeans while I was there and I DIED. So so hot, especially in under construction buildings with yet to be installed air conditioning. I definitely like the cuffed jeans with the moccasins though. Which have been getting masses of wear. Definitely this summer's go-to slip-on with whatevs type shoes. Obviously, I used this thrifted (probably not vintage, it looked like it had never been used) Coach purse ALL the time while I was there. I had one other large purse which I used as a "personal item" (found the biggest I could so I could cram as much as possible in it since I wasn't checking any bags) but other than that, this purse was it. That's the thing about traveling...things like shoes and bags you tend to bring the bare minimum on and it can get a little boring. I think I did bring four pairs of shoes for the two weeks I was there though. My mom thought it was excessive.

Second outfit was what I wore for my cousin's graduation. It was HOT. High waisted wool skirts are NOT a good idea for upper 90s-100 degree weather. But surprisingly, my grandma made no negative comments, either about the super high heels, or the visible black bra. My great-uncle even said something about how nice it was to see a girl in a skirt and heels...a little creepy, but with sweet intentions.

The last picture for today was from my cousin's grad party the next day. This dress is short. Really short. Too short to be worn without tights, really. But when it's a pool party and there's a bunch of (really fit) teenagers running around in speedos, I think a short skirt is kind of ok. I felt less overdressed in dresses and things than I thought I might with my extremely casual family because people dress much nicer in Texas than they do here. I think it's part of that southern formality I noticed with the ma'am and sir, and Mrs. and Mr. instead of first names. It's very different than here. At my graduation, most people in the audience were in tshirts and zip off shorts with...Tevas or Crocs or some other affront to attractive footwear. At my cousin's, most girls and women were in dresses and I saw hardly any shorts. It was...nice.

Friday, July 9, 2010

class pack attack

striped tee - old, denim jacket - thrifted, hoodie - old navy, jeans - urban outfitters, shoes - converse, silk scarf - thrifted, sunglasses - vintage

I love these jeans! Love the high waist and they're superrrr skinny. They've got a little stretch though, so they're really comfortable. Definitely felt a kind of 50s/rockabilly vibe on the day I wore this outfit. Not that I did anything cool or exciting, mind you. Spent the day helping my mom pack up everything in her classroom. Still, I like to look nice/interesting, even when I'm just doing manual labor at an elementary school.

Oh my goodness, by the way, my friend Amanda has the BEST high waisted denim shorts. Seriously, so good! I think I got a picture when she wore them the other day, so hopefully I'll post that later. They're vintage, from the 70s, and they were her mom's. And her long legs look amaaaazing. So so good. I'm kind of really jealous of these amazing shorts.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

twisty trees in the forest

Texas again!

shirt - target, shorts - diy, sandals - online somewhere

Sometimes I feel really lame about shopping at Target, like it's not hip and indie enough. But then I find cute things like this tanktop and can't help it. I guess as long as I mix stuff up, then it's cool. And it's not like it really matters where you shop. For someone with a fashion/style blog, I really hate superficiality, so whatevs, right? I really mixed fabrics in the same garment. This tanktop has your standard t-shirt style knit, but the patterned part is a really sheer woven. This was also one of my favorite spots in Texas. It's along this trail by my cousins' house and there's a little creek back there. I love the way the trees are kind of twisty and there's at least a little shade to keep you from dying. This day it was insanely hot, and wearing my hair down was a really poor choice. I think it was the only day I did.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

sleepy shirts

shirt - pjs, jeans - gap, glasses - zenni optical

I haven't really been wearing anything interesting recently, so I thought I'd show you what I look like on a regular lazy day. I definitely wore this shirt to sleep in the night before and then threw on jeans in the morning. The shirt has a million holes and some paint splatters and my name written on the inside of the collar because I slept in it at summer camp and we had to label all our clothes. It's one of those pieces of clothing that you should throw out but you never will, at least not until it disintegrates off your body. It is literally the softest shirt I have ever worn. Also making an appearance: glasses and disheveled hair.

I wish there was a better place in my room to take pictures, but it's kind of all taken up by furniture. Maybe when I finally get my own place! Which is happening this summer. Starting to look at apartments and I actually just bought this really great couch at the thriftstore. It was an amazing deal and is totally mid century modern and I just couldn't pass it up, even though I'm still living at home and really don't have a good place to store it.