Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your day was filled with holiday cheer, good food, and loved ones. I had a wonderful Christmas. I enjoy giving presents to people very much and this year I feel like I did good. I also made a tasty chocolate cake with choco-peppermint ganache and crushed candycanes which was received very well.

I promised a winner of the contest today, and I do not break promises. I had a total of 5 people enter the contest (thank you all!). I wrote the names on paper and threw them in a hat (the H&M one I wore to the Depeche Mode concert, if you're curious). Mixed them up reallllly good, and drew one.

Congratulations Sally, from The Other Scrapbook! You are the winner. I'll need you to email me your mailing address and then I'll get your prize in the mail as soon as possible.

My cousin also cut my bangs today. (I took my dress off and hung out in my tights and my uncle's tshirt so I wouldn't get hair all over my dress while she cut it.) So much better, amiright?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

fuck fashion

shirt - vintage depeche mode, jeans - gap, shoes - thrifted

Made gingerbread houses with Justina today. Kind of not caring about fashion right now. I feel like going back to a jeans and t-shirt life. It's sort of awesome to not give a shit about what you're wearing. I'm sure I'll get over it though. At least I've got nice jeans, an awesome pair of shoes, and some sweet band shirts so I'm not wandering around looking like a total loser. Anyways, here's my gingerbread house.

Oh, and I haven't forgotten about the contest. I decided I'm going to randomly pick the winner on Christmas. So you've still got a cople days to enter if you haven't already!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

brings out the thug in me

peacoat - old navy, sweatshirt - american eagle, shirt - pacsun, jeans - gap, shoes - thrifted

I kind of felt like a hipster douchebag today. It was something about the combination of big coat, skinny jeans, pointy shoes, and awesome glasses I guess. I mean, I liked my outfit and felt comfortable in it, but I almost felt like I was trying too hard to be "cool". Except I so wasn't. This was a totally thoughtless, thrown on outfit. The jeans and shoes are kind of standard on days I don't work, and the big coat is starting to be necessary. So whatever, right?

Friday, December 11, 2009

buffalo plaid and stripes

Who's excited for Christmas? I know I am! I love decorating and taking pictures by the tree makes me really happy. My mom and I decorated the tree over a couple nights after work since I'm never home during the day. We were kind of tipsy and it was hilarious. Our tree may not look perfect, but I like it that way! I only wish it wasn't a fake tree. I really miss going to the tree farm down the road and picking out and cutting our own tree. I loved the evergreen smell and even kind of liked the chore (which was always mine) of watering the tree. I will admit, fake trees are a little easier, and certainly cheaper.

shirt - thrifted, skirt - thrifted, tights - gift, socks - target, shoes - converse

Usually my work outfits are pretty boring but occasionally I wear something cute. I wear this shirt too much but hey, I'm from Seattle and it's cold, so I wear flannel. Can I tell you something awesome about these tights? They have fully formed heels, just like socks. For some reason, I think that's really cool. Especially because the toe and heel is all black while the rest of the foot is striped. Maybe I'm a freak, but I get such a kick out of these tights. Also, stripes are awesome.

glasses - zenni optical

I got new glasses! Finally. I love them! They look all black in this photo, but they're dark brown with a sort texture-y pattern. Kind of tortoise shell-esque but not exactly. I didn't wear them during the day because I was already wearing contacts when I got the package, but I had to try them on and snap a picture once I got home from work. Also, my bangs are pinned back because they're wayyy too long right now. My cousin is trimming them next week though, so it'll all be good.

p.s. I'm leaving the contest open for at least a week more. There haven't been many entries so be sure to enter as your chances of winning are still really really good. I need a little more time to get all the stuff for the prize together. Go enter now! I promise you'll like the suprise prize.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

outfit, apology/explanation, recommendation

sweater - stepdad's, skirt - secondhand, tights - dkny, shoes - target

I actually wore this outfit the day before Thanksgiving, to work. Usually my work outfits are really boring: same gray work pants, plain shirt, cardigan. But my work pants were dirty that day, so I decided to wear a skirt. I liked feeling a little dressed up at work (although the baggy sweater kept it feeling casual) but those shoes are not meant for wearing on your feet for 8 hours. The first 6 were fine; the last two, hell. I also really dig how cheap this outfit is. Sweater was free; I stole it out of my stepdad's closet, skirt was either thrifted or a hand-me-down, I bought the tights at a garage sale for really cheap, and the shoes are from Target and probably the cheapest pair they sell.

I'd like to mention that I apologize for boring/crappy pictures recently. I hate how early it gets dark because it means I very rarely can get outfit pictures outside or in interesting locations. I'm sure you're sick of seeing the same spot in my hall, my front door, and that one wall in my bedroom, but they're really the only places I can get a halfway decent shot. I'm definitely looking forward to spring, not just for warmer weather, but for better photo opportunities.

One more thing: I saw Fantastic Mr. Fox on Saturday and it was amazing! Seriously, go see it. Gorgeous. So well done.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! (almost a week late)

If my computer hadn't gone all craptastic on me, this is the post I would have posted on Thanksgiving day, or the day right after. Above is my food. It was delicious. Below is my outfit.

sweater - american rag, jeans - gap, shoes - thrifted

I adore this sweater. The color, the awesome batwing shape (I think the sleeves connect somewhere around my waist), the lacy detailing, the cute little crocheted balls on the drawstring, the smocked waist. Really, everything. I don't usually pay full price for clothes, but I'd just gotten paid and I fell in love with this. Not my usual style, but I think that's cool too. Definitely makes me want some high-waisted seventies bellbottoms.

The jeans are also new. Gap jeans are officially my new favorite for skinny jeans. They fit amazingly. I'm not sure I love them with the sweater, but I do adore them with the shoes. The jeans/shoes combination makes me feel like I need a guitar. In a Bob Dylan sort of way.

By the way, I think only four people have entered the contest, so you still have a really good (understatement) chance of winning. Enter!