Wednesday, September 25, 2013

tyrannosaurus style

wearing: thrifted dress, talonalia necklace, diy spike haircomb, red lippy, thrifted boots, & everyday glasses

I made this crazy cool haircomb ages ago after seeing the tutorial on the always amazing Honestly WTF. One of the spikes fell off before I ever had a chance to photograph it so it sat languishing in my jewelry box until I finally remembered to dig out my E6000 and glue it back on. I'm actually glad it sat around for ages because the shiny brass spikes tarnished a little and look SO MUCH COOLER. It's perfect with my Talonalia necklace both because of the tone and because the spikes remind me of dinosaurs (yes, I know tyrannosaurus rex is not one that has spikes, shut up, blog titles don't need to make sense) which are, you know, ancestors to birds. Yeah, I think about weird connections way more than I should!


  1. Your spiked headband is so pretty! Love the detail! xox

    1. Thanks! I need to tease my hear a little next time so it kind of pokes out so it looks like it's growing out of my hair, haha.