Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! (almost a week late)

If my computer hadn't gone all craptastic on me, this is the post I would have posted on Thanksgiving day, or the day right after. Above is my food. It was delicious. Below is my outfit.

sweater - american rag, jeans - gap, shoes - thrifted

I adore this sweater. The color, the awesome batwing shape (I think the sleeves connect somewhere around my waist), the lacy detailing, the cute little crocheted balls on the drawstring, the smocked waist. Really, everything. I don't usually pay full price for clothes, but I'd just gotten paid and I fell in love with this. Not my usual style, but I think that's cool too. Definitely makes me want some high-waisted seventies bellbottoms.

The jeans are also new. Gap jeans are officially my new favorite for skinny jeans. They fit amazingly. I'm not sure I love them with the sweater, but I do adore them with the shoes. The jeans/shoes combination makes me feel like I need a guitar. In a Bob Dylan sort of way.

By the way, I think only four people have entered the contest, so you still have a really good (understatement) chance of winning. Enter!

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