Thursday, December 3, 2009

outfit, apology/explanation, recommendation

sweater - stepdad's, skirt - secondhand, tights - dkny, shoes - target

I actually wore this outfit the day before Thanksgiving, to work. Usually my work outfits are really boring: same gray work pants, plain shirt, cardigan. But my work pants were dirty that day, so I decided to wear a skirt. I liked feeling a little dressed up at work (although the baggy sweater kept it feeling casual) but those shoes are not meant for wearing on your feet for 8 hours. The first 6 were fine; the last two, hell. I also really dig how cheap this outfit is. Sweater was free; I stole it out of my stepdad's closet, skirt was either thrifted or a hand-me-down, I bought the tights at a garage sale for really cheap, and the shoes are from Target and probably the cheapest pair they sell.

I'd like to mention that I apologize for boring/crappy pictures recently. I hate how early it gets dark because it means I very rarely can get outfit pictures outside or in interesting locations. I'm sure you're sick of seeing the same spot in my hall, my front door, and that one wall in my bedroom, but they're really the only places I can get a halfway decent shot. I'm definitely looking forward to spring, not just for warmer weather, but for better photo opportunities.

One more thing: I saw Fantastic Mr. Fox on Saturday and it was amazing! Seriously, go see it. Gorgeous. So well done.

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  1. Ooh, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Fantastic Mr. Fox. There was a free preview for art students at my school awhile back, but I was too busy :(