Saturday, May 22, 2010

streetfair bookclub

tee - vintage depeche mode, flannel shirt - borrowed viyella by gant, jeans - old navy, moccasins - minnetonka, bracelets - thrifted and random leather cord, rings - vintage

Ok, this outfit is crazy simple and maybe kind of boring but I kind of love it. Maybe just because the day I wore this, last weekend at the street fair, was really great, maybe because the flannel belongs to a boy I like, maybe because I'm wearing a Depeche Mode tee, or because I finally got some sweet moccasins. Or maybe a little of each! I guess it's a combination of actually really liking what I wore, despite it's simplicity, and just being happy about that day.

I think it's rather funny that I was not wearing two of these items at the start of the day. One, as I mentioned, is the flannel, which the boy I was hanging out with lent me since I left my jacket in my car and we ended up in an entirely different part of the city. The other is this amazing bracelet I found at a thrift shop we went to. Yeah, wearing rainbows on my wrist makes me all kinds of happy. It was made in Mexico and I'm not sure what the metal is. It may be sterling, but then again, it may just be a base metal. We'll see if my skin turns green or has any weird reactions. I also ALMOST bought an Argus C3 at the same thrift store but couldn't figure out if it was functional or not so I left it behind. Kind of regretting that since it was priced so well, but I have confidence another will find me. I did pick up this great red-orange kind of futuristic dress at another thriftstore (where I saw a girl get arrested! I felt bad, she looked like she might have been pregnant) but it's made of a pretty heavy fabric so I think I'll be waiting until the fall to wear it. It's very cute though.

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  1. Duuude, where did you find the vtg Depeche Mode shirt?