Thursday, December 30, 2010

snow days

So this snow is actually from before Thanksgiving (absolutely crazy for Washington, let me tell you) but this is just about what it looks like outside right now too. And actually, come to think of it, yesterday I was wearing about the same outfit too.

I was in Seattle the night before last, at a Festivus party, and stayed the night there. In the morning, peeking out the window to make sure I hadn't gotten a ticket, I noticed a few snowflakes starting to fall. Shortly after, while we finished the game of Seinfeld Monopoly we had started the night before, I got a text from my mom telling me there were 4 inches of snow at home and I had better head back soon. Instead, Justina and I went to Ugly Mug for coffee (their Mexican Mocha is incredible) and sandwiches (the bulgogi sub J gave me a bite of was amazing) and then to Neptune Music for used records and tapes. This is something we have not done in a LONG time but it was incredibly enjoyable. I miss just hanging out in the city like that.

floral dress - thrfited, coat - urban outfitters, shirt - old, leggings - target, boots - thrifted, lipstick - revlon really red, camera - vintage yashica fx-3

The day these photos are from, I skipped work because of the snow (the roads were bad that time, not this time) and wandered around taking photographs around my house. I still haven't gotten the film developed yet (I have like 4 rolls that need developing) but I'll post it when I finally do. I gotta tell ya, I love this kind of weather. I mean, I love sunshine as well, but storms and things. This winter has been good so far: two respectable snowstorms and a flood.

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