Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Since I've been home from my trip (I'm working on the pictures, I promise), I've been dressing super vintage and girly. Well, not all the time, but every time I've bothered to take pictures. Never fear, I will never leave my combat boots, short skirts, and flannel behind entirely. I am a Seattle girl, after all.

skirt - h&m (old), sweater - icelandica, sunglasses - topshop, tights - target, clogs - jeffrey campbell, purse - thrifted coach

See? While none of this is actual vintage, it has such a vintage look/silhouette. I got this skirt ages ago, when I was like fifteen in NY. H&M did not exist on the west coast yet, so we were crazy excited for cheap, fashionable clothes. I never really figured out how to wear this skirt because it wasn't really my style.* It's seersucker, super full and pleated, and awfully fun to wear. It actually has suspenders, which I didn't wear in this outfit, but I might try something soon with those. 

The sweater is from Iceland and was my most expensive purchase from my travels. On my way to Iceland, I read a little and watched a video about the country. Both mentioned Icelandic wool sweaters and their super traditional designs. I loved the look of them but totally didn't think I would see tons of people wearing them. WRONG. Oh my god, at least a quarter of all the people I saw in Iceland were wearing some variation on this sweater. Pullover, cardigan, zipped, dress, oversized, cropped . . . they all had the traditional patterned yoke. This particular one is actually a child's sweater because I couldn't afford the adult sweaters. I think it works as a kind of cropped, three-quarters sleeves sort of way. Right?

I also bought the sunglasses while traveling but I'll have more detailed pictures of both those and the sweater in coming posts. Although I haven't been super faithful with the photo taking lately, and have been absolutely abysmal when it comes to actual blogging, I'm feeling like I'm ready to get back into it and make it a regular thing. Unusually, this blogging break has not coincided with a slump in my style, which kind of makes me feel like this blog's purpose has been fulfilled but I honestly miss blogging so I think I'll stick around.**

*Ha! Like I had style when I was fifteen.
**Woah! Too much alliteration, entirely unintentional.

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