Sunday, May 29, 2011

skipping in the park

sweater - icelandica, tshirt - pacsun, skirt - old, socks - target, boots - seychelles, purse - thrifted dooney & burke, glasses - zenni optical

This is another in my series of super lady-like outfits I wore after returning from Europe. And now you can finally see the sweater from Iceland better. I really adore it, and I think I'll get a lot more use out of it next winter/fall. It's starting to get too warm for it, since the wool is incredibly thick and warm. This is also a better view of the lace-up boots I bought awhile back. They are exactly like the ones my grandma had in the sixties and I love them. I'm pretty sure I talked about them before, but you can see them better in these pictures.

I took these pictures in a local park awhile ago. I met a friend for coffee and then went to the park by myself and sat by the river and read a book. It was lovely. This is something I never used to do. I was really bad at spending time by myself and would never really go out if I didn't have someone to hang out with. But after my adventures in solo travel, which involved a lot of doing things on my own, I have discovered I like spending time by myself.

I can't figure out what I want to do with my hair these days! I sort of accidentally started growing out my bangs when I didn't have time to get them cut before leaving and then they got too long while I was away. Now I'm mostly pinning them back and occasionally doing this side swept thing but I'm not sure if I actually want to grow them out. I do rather like this braid thing I did, but I kind of miss my blunt bangs. Thoughts?

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