Wednesday, October 10, 2012

green suede shoes


I told you you'd be seeing a lot of these boots! I just can't wear them enough, you know? They're so great. I like wearing them with stuff that kind of clashes best, or lots of bright colors. The pink lace tights are kind of perfect too.

dress - target, tights - target, cardigan - uo, boots - modcloth, sunnies - topshop (london), necklace - vintage


I love love love this necklace. My dad gave it to my mom back when they were dating. It's bone, handcarved, and has the cleverest little handcarved clasp. I think it's supposed to be a dragon or something.


  1. The color combination that you've got going on with the boots and tights is stunning! Such a great way to keep some variation from all the "fall" colors I've been seeing around lately.

    Triple Thread

    1. Thanks! I didn't really think about it, but that is kind of fall-ish, without being all orange and brown.