Wednesday, October 17, 2012

pretty dots and flowers


Is it incredibly vain to say that that right there is one of my favorite pictures of me ever? I love the way I look with shorter bangs way more than I ever thought I would. I've been cutting them shorter and letting them grow out quite a bit before trimming them again for quite some time now and I always am happiest when they're really short. Occasionally I think about growing them out again because I think I would have more options for hairstyles but I think bangs are just right for me. That's not saying I won't try something else, but it's pretty great to find something that suits your style and face. Which is also what I think about winged liner. I've been liking myself a lot lately, ok?

blouse - target, shorts - target, shoes - gift


  1. I've been wanting bangs like this but I don't think I could pull it off and winged liner is so much fun.

    xo erica

    1. You should try it! They grow out if you don't like them. I just looked at your blog (super cute!) and you could TOTALLY pull them off.