Wednesday, November 7, 2012

last bare legs

silk blouse - vintage, skirt - thrifted, shoes - borrowed, purse - dooney & burke

There's something quite sad about the last day of the year you are able to go bare-legged. Of course, you don't know it at the time, but the next time you put on a skirt, you'll roll some sheer tights on as well. And the next time, and the next, and then a bit later those sheer stockings are replaced with thick opaque ones, maybe even woolen ones. And then you might look back on that day, if you can remember it, and miss the ease and appeal of bare legs.

I didn't use to like bare legs as much as I do now. I used to wear tights in inappropriately hot weather and I still wear sheer or lace tights sometimes throughout the summer. After all, summers here in the PNW are not necessarily hot. (I believe today, a rainy day in November, was a pretty average summer temperature for us.) This past summer though, I was all about the bare legs. I discovered I could show skin with not only sundresses and shorts, but also with more demure pencil skirts and silk blouses. It just feels nice to let your legs out in the world, unfettered by nylon. All the same, I am enjoying my current tights wearing weather. Just feeling a touch nostalgic for a time when getting dressed in the morning could skip one or two pieces (I wasn't wearing a lot of cardigans then either).


  1. Oh, I know too well what you mean! Last winter was so horrible in Seattle, I wore so many layers - especially tights and biker shorts under all my dresses and skirts. When summer hit, I felt naked without them. Now, the cold is back and I'm sad to have to cover up again!

  2. From a guy perspective, bare legs rock! Way better than hose, which in turn are better than tights, and way better than - yeuch! - pants.

    IMO if you enjoy going bare legged you should put off that first day of rolling on the hose. OK, you'll be a little chilly. But nothing bad will happen. On the contrary, your legs will acclimatize, just a little. So when the next day is just a smidgen colder, if won't feel any worse than the day before. Resist the temptation of the nylons that day too, and you'll be on a certain path to being able to enjoy showing off your gorgeous bare legs all year round. Those legs are way too beautiful to be covered in fabric. You owe it to them to brave a little cold :-)