Sunday, August 18, 2013

Is there anything worse than when a favorite blog ends? (There's tons of things worse, obvi I'm just making a point.) Whether it fizzles, posts slowing down until there's nothing or it ends with a dramatic "this is my last post EVER and here's why," it's a big dissapointment. Sometimes the blog is revived later and sometimes the blogger you loved resurfaces at a new home but usually that post you're so excited to see after months of inactivity is a goodbye, thanks for reading, and sorry I haven'tposted lately but I don't need this anymore.

Well...this is not that sort of post. I still love to blog (although you may see me posting regularly somewhere else in the near future) and I'm determined to get it running smoothly this time. But I have been thinking about why people blog and why they stop, and this post will serve as a memorial of sorts to blogs I loved and lost. I miss you, I don't blame you, and thanks for not betraying your once loyal readers by deleting your blog when you were done with it...we might not be.

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