Wednesday, August 21, 2013

rainbow dotty nails

sally hansen - lacey lilac, ulta - celebutante, loreal - not a cloud in sight, l.a. colors - (no name blue), sally hansen - pretty in hot pink, revlon - frankly scarlet, revlon - eclectic, sinful colors - rise and shine, revlon - peachy, essie - meet me at sunset

Oh my gosh, this was the most fun manicure I think I've ever done. Even after it had chipped beyond ignoring (I'm really bad about removing my nail polish when it starts to look raggedy), I was still getting compliments every day. Super easy too! I picked out five pairs of polish colors, a light and dark shade of a similar color and painted two coats of the lighter color and then dotted on the darker color with a toothpick with the tip broken off to be less pointy. I've also used bobby pins for dots before, so look around and see what would make nice sized dots. No need for a special dotting tool! I still can't believe I have enough polish colors for a design like this. I did realize I have a few holes in my collection. Pinks and greens are kind of scarce or funky, so I picked up a cheap bright/light pink (the one I used was a little too hot pink in my opinion) and a basic light green. A lot of my older polish has shimmer which I am not so into these days.

I couldn't stop myself from editing this picture with LINE camera. LINE is a chat app that is really popular in Asia (I think) and I started using it while I was in Japan. There's a lot of games and other fun apps that go with it, including the most ridiculously fun photo editor. I love all the silly stickers and decided to bling this one up. You may see more pictures like this in the future because I find it endlessly entertaining.


  1. Ah - so much fun! I'm such a fan of nail polishes, it's pretty bad ;) I have about a million...?

    1. Me too! Nail polish is such a fun, small, cheap indulgence, I don't even feel bad about buying all the colors.