Friday, November 6, 2009

nineties nostalgia

sweater - thrifted uniqlo, tank - gap, jeans - express, shoes - thrifted

So today I went to Seattle to visit Amanda again. We decided to make a trip to Ballard, but the weather was terrible so we ended up just going to a bookstore where I looked through a book about grunge. It had a short introduction and then was just all photos of bands and grunge kids on the Ave and such. The photos were great, and I loved the outfits. Totally Seattle. It's funny because I used to hang out in the U District all the time when I was a kid and I remember it being like that, but now it's just all college kids and overpriced stores instead of street kids. Anyways, I'm rambling. Since it was so terribly windy and rainy (apparently someone died from a falling chunk of tree tonight) we just went back to Amanda's apartment and hung out until the power went out and I went home. Where we surprisingly had power.

I picked up these sweet shoes at Value Village when I was looking for stuff for my Halloween costume. They're half a size too small but I wore them all day today and they were pretty comfortable. I really dig the pointy shape and buckles at the ankles. They didn't have laces when I got them and I think I got longer ones than needed but oh well.


  1. Those shoes = LOVE!!!

    I adore your outfit!

  2. I sent you one! Be sure and check your spam mail if you don't get it soon, in case it goes there. :) It works november 12th through the 15th!

  3. Those shoes are BAD-ASS. Seriously. I need to visit Seattle before I die.

  4. Those shoes are wicked awesome! I love the buckles at the ankles.

    Also, I am in deep love with the grunge trend. What's not to love with all the denim jackets and plaid button-ups?

  5. I love the shades of grey! That book sounds awesome.