Monday, November 2, 2009

happy halloween!

tunic - diy, leggings - silence & noise, boots - thrifted/diy, ray gun - diy

So . . . Halloween. I was a space cadet. I made all of my own costume (as well as Justina's alien costume) except the leggings. I made a sweet ray gun out of a cheap nerf gun from Target and had a lot of fun shooting people with it all night. The boots I got at Value Village and spray painted with silver spray paint. I also had a little glowstick that had a flashlight at the end. Earlier in the evening I had a lot more stuff on my belt, but they got annoying. I had a few little pouches I made to hold my stuff, and a row of extra darts for my ray gun. It looked pretty badass, if I say so myself.

My costume was very much inspired by Barbarella. Obviously it's not a copy of any one outfit she wore in the movie, but I wanted that same badass space tramp feeling. Ha. So I also decided to go with a retro sixties feel with my makeup. I was sort of copying Edie Sedgewick's makeup, but unfortunately it was a bit of a mess by the time this picture was taken. The eye makeup started out more intense and I had nude lips, which made the whole thing work a lot better.

We started out at a party at Harry's place, went to a house party Michael's band was playing at, left there and went to a party with some friend of Casey's for like 5 minutes and then went back to Liam's house. Quite a fun night.

Unfortunately I had been planning on going back to Amanda's that night and had left all my stuff at her place. So I had no clothes to sleep in or wear the next day. Justina kindly lent me a pair of jeans, which I slept in along with my sweatshirt, minus a shirt underneath. The tunic was too uncomfortable to sleep in. The next morning I needed shoes to wear since the boots ended up being really uncomfortable and rubbing silver off onto everything. So Liam lent me these giant sneakers. I think they look so funny with Justina's skinny jeans. We went out to breakfast Sunday morning at this diner in Des Moines which was fun and delicious and then I hung out with Amanda in Seattle and went to Pam's kitchen for tasty tasty Trinidadian food.


  1. Those boots are SO BADASS! The spray paint looks amazing!

  2. Very cute!! Looks like you had fun

    Love the gun haha

  3. Oh my gosh your outfit is amazing! :) ♥

  4. Ha, awesome costume and that's great that you made most of it yourself! I love how you spray painted the boots and the fact that the gun is a Nerf gun! Aah, Nerf. Where would my childhood be without it? Glad you had a fun Halloween! Me, I didn't do jack shit.

  5. how did you create the top? did you sew it yourself? it's perfect!

  6. sweet costumes. outspace rocks!