Saturday, February 20, 2010

rachel in wonderland

dress - secondhand, shirt - old, tights - target, shoes - target

So I went down to Olympia for a few days this week. A friend of mine lives there, and I wanted to visit him. It was fun, but a little weird. I forgot how different Olympia kids, especially Evergreen students, are from Seattle kids. I don't fit in! Especially when I'm hanging out with anarchists. I'm just glad I didn't get scabies or salmonella.

I did bring my camera down, but when I got there, I realized the battery was dead. My phone died soon after, so I got absolutely no pictures from the weekend. Which is unfortunate, because I rather liked my outfits. Finally got my camera back in the action and took a picture right before I left for work this morning. I'm LOVING this awesome sunshine we've been having. And I really kind of dug this outfit. I got a ton of compliments at work, and got compared to Alice in Wonderland a lot. The dress was given to me by my cousin and is a little big for me, and the shirt I got years ago, can't remember where, but it has ruffles and lace and sequin details on the top portion.


  1. love your outfit, so cute!

    lovelove, M.

  2. Holy jeebus, I need to move to BC now. So I can go to Olympia/Seattle like every weekend.

  3. i love your dress super cute. i think i have some similar stuff, don't be surprised if i totally coppy you!