Wednesday, February 10, 2010

shopping guidelines

shirt - gap, jeans - gap, shoes - thrifted

I think I might have too much stuff from the Gap. Haha. I got really into their jeans and then got a bunch of gift cards for Christmas and bought a bunch of shirts. I need to do some more thrifting/vintage shopping and mix that shit up.

I have a new plan for how I spend my money. Whenever I want something, I write it down in a little notebook. Every payday, I choose one item to buy. It can be expensive or not. Obviously this doesn't include food, but I'm also not counting thrift store purchases. Also, if I come across something I just HAVE to have, I can buy it right away, but I will have to skip a purchase oat my next payday. I'm hoping this makes me a more thoughtful shopper and results in purchases of things I really love, rather than just sort of like.

And by the way, how amazing is that view? I love this house, and love housesitting there (more so when I'm not sick). Gotta love the view of Greenlake. It looks especially pretty at night when all the houses across the street are all lit up.

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  1. You = so gorgeous.

    Red lipstick suits you perfectly. And I wish I had a 'buying strategy'.