Monday, June 28, 2010


I think it's time for some more Texas pictures! Today was kind of grey and boring so I thought I'd cheer up with some pure summer in the form of tie-dye, cutoffs, braids, and vintage sunglasses. Not to mention the pool behind me and that gorgeous blue sky!

shirt - diy, shorts - diy, sandals - somewhere online, sunglasses - vintage

I do wish I'd gotten to do more Texas-y sorts of things while I was there. Not that I know what those things would be. But it seems to me that Dallas, and the suburb of Dallas I was staying in are pretty . . . generic. I didn't feel a real sense of place while I was there, which is disappointing. I still loved the time I spent there. It was a perfect lazy vacation and I got to see a neat documentary with my cousin and found a cute dress at a second hand store. As well as, you know, seeing my cousin graduate and spending time with my family.

bracelets - thrifted, random, diy, ring - found

bracelet - christmas gift, rings - antique

In that first picture, you can see the bracelet I bought at a thriftstore just a little while before I left. I've worn it a lot and I really really like it. It's silver (in color anyways, it might just be a base metal but it doesn't turn my skin green) with this great inlaid picture of a mountain, sun, bird, and rainbow. It's kind of goofy really but I love it. That beaded bracelet is also a favorite of mine. My mom made it ages ago and it's peyote stitch. I think the ring is amber and I'm pretty sure it was found in our garden or something like that. The chunkiness of it appeals to me. The bracelet in the bottom picture is one my grandma got me and it's extra hippie-ish but I'm ok with that. I mean, I was a hippie child, I can't escape it entirely. Tie-dye and peace signs will always be natural.

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