Saturday, September 18, 2010

play! in portland

Hi friends! It's been awhile. I got a second job and have been having about one day off every two weeks, working up to 12 hour days. Plus a work project to do at home. So yeah, haven't really had time for blogging. But I've cut back on work just a little and finally am feeling like I can, I don't know, breathe. I have some more recent pictures because, while I have been busy, I've still been making an effort. I'm going to talk about this more later but I feel pretty good about that, since I never used to when life got crazy. Anyways, I haven't actually edited or uploaded the more recent pictures yet, so here's a few older ones.
dress - old navy, shoes - pf flyers

shirt - diy, jeans - gap, shoes - pf flyers, bag - liberty of london for target

flannel - gap, skirt - thrifted, flats - target

Outfit numero uno was simply worn to work. Definitely a favorite of mine over this summer. Since I started wearing skirts more it was mainly with tights until this summer. I loved bare legs this summer! Numero dos was worn on a daytrip down to Portland, hence all the food carts behind me. Portland seriously has the best streetfood. We had bulgogi from a Korean food truck, ate it in a park, and I gave my leftovers to homeless man across the street from Powell's Books who told me a joke and lizards. I bought a giant bagful of books at Powell's, which is now my second favorite bookstore (my loyalties lie with the Duvall used bookstore). Seriously, I think my idea of heaven is something close to the world of new and used books at Powell's. The purpose of the trip, however, was to go to a book release party for Scott Pilgrim Vol. 6 at this comic book store. Have you read them/seen the movie? They're fantastic and you really should. The music in the movie is fantastic too. Sex Bob-omb might just be my favorite band now. The whole trip was pretty great, but we had to drive back that night, quite late, and while I was sleeping at a friend's apartment in Seattle, my car got broken into. Nothing got stolen, but my window was broken, which was kind of a pain. Finally, outfit numero tres is another work outfit. Slim skirt and baggy flannel shirt is always a good combo!

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