Tuesday, June 21, 2011


dress - secondhand, tights - target, moccasins - target, bag - liberty of london for target, scarf - thrifted

I like the whole colorblocking thing but I don't know that I can go full out with it. So a simple black dress with lots of colorful accessories works for me. I love these shoes and tights together and have paired them up many times before. I wanted a scarf with some pink in it (I have a pink and orange one I planned on using) but I could only find this all orange one. It still worked. I have noticed that anytime I wear something in my hair, people notice a lot. I get more compliments when I wear headscarves than probably anything else ever.


  1. Siiiick, i have a dress just like that! Colourful tights just make everything awesome.

  2. YAYYY! I LOVE COLOUR. I'm pretty sure I have the exact same shade of tights as yaaa! I'm a sucker for colourful tights. I miss my tights. GRR SUMMER HOT WEATHERRR.