Wednesday, January 18, 2012

vintage winter wonderland

coat - thrifted, lipstick - revlon really red

I bought this coat last year but never had a chance to wear it. Honestly, I doubt I'll wear it more than once a year but I just couldn't pass it up at the thrift store. How often do you find and floor length, soft pink, wool coat with fur collar and cuffs. Actually, it looks like the fur was added at home, but it's soft and warm and lovely. It reminds me of something a Russian princess would wear. Of course I had to wear red lipstick. Unfortunately, we were losing the light while taking these pictures and I didn't get a full length shot. It really is a fabulous coat.

1 comment:

  1. that coat. ohhh that coat! I feel like you are one of the only people that could pull this gem off. Yes, red lipstick is a must.

    p.s. please wear this more than once this year... or I might have to come over from Idaho and steal it from you.