Sunday, April 22, 2012

choco cupcakes and cute puppies

Last week Emily and I made cupcakes for our sweet coworker's last day. She had been at the store for something like 25 years and she's just the nicest lady so we were really sad to see her go. We were at Emily's mom's house (she was housesitting) so we made it easy on ourselves and used a mix for the chocolate cupcakes. But since I can never just make a simple boxed cupcake, I made the cream cheese frosting from scratch and filled the cupcakes with strawberry jam. YUM. It was a good combo. And a perfect balance between easy and special.

We also got to play with her mom's adorable new puppy! I want to steal the little sweetheart, but I'll content myself with begging Emily to take Bella for walks and let me tag along. I snapped a bunch of pictures because she's just the sweetest little dog. So cute!

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