Sunday, April 15, 2012

crafternoon with rallison

After I posted my spring flower crown, my favorite co-worker Allison told me she wanted to make floral headband with me. And my response was, of course, "Yes, please!" So Thursday we met up at work before I had to start my shift, bought a pile of flowers and whipped ourselves up some headbands. Of course, after we were done we took a bunch of pictures.

floral headband - diy, tshirt - target, cardigan & skirt - uo, tights - hansel from basel, clogs - jeffrey campbell

I love the whimsy flowers in your hair adds to any outfit! This silk scarf style skirt (woah alliteration) and scallop tights fit right in with the whimsy thing, don't you think? And how freaking cute does Allison look? She posted more pictures of herself on her delightful blog, note to self. She is rocking that bug print shirt!

The headbands themselves were super easy to make! I put together a little photo tutorial for you. You need a headband, floral wire, wire cutters, and an assortment of fake flowers. Create a bundle of flowers and leaves and wire them together, leaving a long tail of wire. Use the tail to attach the bundle to your headband. Continue adding flowers until you cover the headband, leaving the last few inches of each end bare. You can go back and fill in blank spots, or anywhere you see the wire, by hot-gluing small flowers to cover gaps. Now go rock your flower headband!

Thanks to Allison for taking pictures of me and for a really fun day! Now I have a million craft projects I want to do, so next time you're home again, let's hang. Also, any other friends want to get together for a crafternoon?* Things are more fun to make with friends. 

Also, check out my fun ombré manicure! I basically followed the tutorial on Jezebel, except I didn't do a base color. I wanted a more subtle look, so I just used a single color+clear. I think it turned out super fun! I'm starting to get into doing my nails more. I've been super inspired by The Dainty Squid as well. Kaylah posts the best nail tutorials. I tried her triangle nail before but it got screwed up before I got a chance to take any pictures. 

*I'm pretty sure I stole the term "crafternoon" from White Lightning


  1. hahah crafternoon. thats awesome. crafting with you=tons of fun. but seriously making flower crowns is so easy, lets open a shop or something :)

    I need to do this to my nails as soon as possible. Yours look amazing!

    1. Thanks girl! I added glitter over it later and it looked EVEN COOLER. I'll post that soon.

  2. It was great talking to you today at Ben Franks! Head bands are beautiful! Sometime you should check out Violette Bella // Roots and Feathers (blog)! Rikki and I will be modeling there end of July!