Sunday, September 30, 2012

polka pants

shirt - target, pants - macy's, boots - modcloth

I'm sorry guys, but these pants and boots are a sign things are about to get really boring around here on the What Rachel Wore side of things. I know, I know, it doesn't seem like polka dot pants and bright green suede boots could possibly be boring, but they are when you wear them nearly every day as I have for the last two weeks. It's awful but I just can't take them off. They make me too happy and it's too easy to make an interesting outfit when two major pieces are already totally cray-cray. I can put literally anything on my top half and it will look cool. I promise you.

I obviously really dig the pattern mixing possibilities with these pants, as this is the very first way I wore them. No easing into crazy patterned pants for me, thank you very much. I went shopping with J because while I was housesitting I discovered that my last pair of work appropriate pants had developed an unfortunate hole on the inner thigh, rendering them...less appropriate. I picked up a pair of very sensible black Levi's that fit rather well but had an itchy tag that had to be taken out with a seam ripper but these were my prize. I am so completely loving them, especially with these crazy boots from Modcloth. I'm still thinking about getting them in red...