Thursday, September 27, 2012

thrifting time

I've been thinking about doing a series of posts on thrifting. I'm really just in the gathering my thoughts stage of that right now, but I want to branch out and visit different thrift stores and write up what I consider the most useful tips and tricks for scoring at the thrift store. I fall in and out of the habit of thrifting and I feel like I'm about to start a major re-dedication to the good deal. 

These were taken the last time I went to my lovely local Value Village, which I often stop at before or after work. Everything I am wearing, minus tights, glasses, and umbrella, is thrifted and I think they were all purchased at the Redmond Value Village. Not bad, eh? I have used that backpack to death this summer, camping, hiking, any time I'm going to be outdoors or need a change of clothes basically. The boots are staple for me, and have almost been worn to death. I'm looking to replace them because they are on their last legs but I'm pretty sure I've had them for at least three years. The dress is a little nineties floral thing, something that can always be found for cheap at a well-stocked thrift store. I've picked up many of them and they are versatile. And the jacket, boy that was a score. Vintage Levi's denim jacket, all beat to shit all ready. I love the crap out of this thing and have added considerable wear to an already well-loved garment. It's amazing how easy it is to put together an all thrifted outfit when probably half your wardrobe comes from the charity shop.

dress, boots, jacket, backpack - all thrifted, tights - target, umbrella - ebay, glasses - joseph marc


  1. whoa that backpack!! can't believe you thrifted that, what a great find! is it leather?

    thrift stores are the best. I love days when I wake up and get dressed and realize everything I just put on is thrifted.

    1. Totally leather and handmade too! It's a little wonky in parts so I think it might have been someone's project when they were learning leather working. I can't be the only one who makes up back stories for thrifted and/or vintage things, right?