Sunday, October 4, 2009

I burn that gift to doll and let it shine before

Yesterday was the 14th anniversary of the release of Deftones' first album, Adrenaline (which was recorded in Seattle). To celebrate such an important date in history, Michael, Spike, Justina, and me all went over to Michael's mom's house to watch Deftones videos, eat cake, and drink in the middle of the day. Justina's brother has a Deftones live in Hawaii DVD, and last weekend we went to Neptune Music and Michael found a Deftones VHS. Justina also made a Deftones themed cake and brought a picture of Chino she drew back in 8th grade, and Michael and Spike picked drinks they thought Chino would like (we ended up with a Heineken mini-keg, Corona, and mimosas). After getting thoroughly drunk in the early afternoon, Justina and I went over to the hippies' house with my dad to sober up before driving home.

shirt - thrifted, belt - thrifted, leggings - silence & noise, flats - target, watch - step-dad's dad's

I felt like latex leggings were pretty appropriate for a Deftones party. Amanda gave these to me for my birthday, since I'd been joking about getting some shiney leggings, but I actually rather like them. They make me feel kind of like a robot with synthetic rubberized skin. I wore them with this men's XL flannel shirt I got at the thriftstore awhile back. The belt was also from the thriftstore, but I picked it up on the way to Seattle because I couldn't find any of my black belts. This one is rather wonderful, I love the little gold tone buckle. It was definitely a lucky find, as I was expecting to just pick up a plain, servicable, black belt. I also, after talking about my lack of black flats, picked up a pair at Target. They were cheap and surprisingly comfortable for Target shoes, so I'm pretty happy. Now all I need is a decent pair of black heels.


  1. I've never listened to the Deftones before, hmm...

    You asked about the bust cast - the 'Women's Centre' was having a bust casting event, so I went with a couple of friend. Basically, it's a group of women who take their tops off and let wet strips of plaster dry on their boobs. It was fun!

  2. Love this ensemble. I have a pair of leggings like that and I have to stop myself from wearing them every weekend. I think I have the same flats from target. I keep them in my bag for the days that my feet have had it with heels. lol!

    The watch adds a lot of sophistication to it.

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  4. You're so pretty and love the outfit :) ♥

  5. Looks like fun! I like the belt.


    Just kidding. I'm glad you actually wore the leggings. Michael is an ass for uninviting me though, I plan to hold a grudge forever.

  7. wow! that Deftone's cake is such a coolness. I'll make it with Led Zepp on the top on it. =D .Love your blog.