Sunday, October 25, 2009


sweater - stepdad's closet, jeans - express, shoes - converse

liam and his pumpkin, justina and her two small ones, and me and mine

As we do each fall, today we went to Two Brothers Pumpkin Patch and picked pumpkins. It's my favorite; it's small, local, family owned, and they have calves! These two were seriously the cutest things ever. Their names were Gabby and Cassie. After picking a punch of different pumpkins and gourds, we got some caramel apple cider took a walk on the trail to look at all the pretty leaves. Then Amanda had to go home, but the rest of us went back to my house for chicken soup and pumpkin pie (made from the tiny sugar pumpkins my mom grew in our garden!) and watched the Exorcist while we carved our pumpkins. It was kind of the perfect Fall day.


  1. That scarecrow is a badass!

    I wish I had time to carve pumpkins and do fun hallowe'en stuff like that. I think the most festive I'll be getting will most likely involve alcohol.

  2. wow!! PUMPKINS! yeah Jack o lantern. Teach me how to do it =) . since My country did'nt celebrate Halloweem .=(. i ssed the fun scary things.

  3. What a darling photo shoot! All of the pictures are adorable, as are all of you! ^_^

  4. :O oh wow, a pick your own pumpkin patch!! I seriously need to find one near me :D