Sunday, October 18, 2009

maybe if i wasn't sleepy i could come up with a clever title

tee - pacsun, cardigan - thrifted uniqlo, hat - target, jeans - old navy, purse - vintage coach, shoes - converse

Today had some of the most intense rain I've experienced in a long time. It felt very Seattle so I decided to go with that feeling and dress a little grunge-ish. These jeans kind of fit weird (no curves, like they're made for boys) but they're pretty much all I wore in high school. All the fading and holes are completely natural (I hate pre-ripped, pre-faded jeans). I also really like this hat I wore a lot last winter. It looks better with bangs though. Which, I know, are way too long. I actually cut them after taking this picture. I'm not great at cutting hair, but they look ok. And I can finally see!