Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So I know it's been ages since my last real post. I've been busy with life, both good and bad. I've been alternating between extreme happiness--days filled with sun and friends, booze and good music; and sadness and lethargy. I'm trying to focus on the happy things, and there's a lot of that so it's not too hard, but I have been bummed a lot lately too. The combination of the two, and the lack of any sort of middle ground, has definitely contributed to my not posting. When things are going well, I'm too busy doing really great awesome fun rad things to even think about blogging. I'd always rather be swimming or drinking or going to shows than sitting at home writing a blog post, as much as I do enjoy blogging. I never ever would choose my computer over living my life. But lately the days I would usually blog, the ones where I'm sitting around at home doing nothing, or after work and I don't feel like going out, I've been in too lousy of a mood to want to write about clothes and junk.

But enough whining, and enough excuses. I'm back now! I just needed to hash that out, for myself, and it was good.

tee - pacsun, skirt - thrifted, necklaces - talonalia, boots - thrifted rockport, sunglasses - thrifted humphreys

This is one of the spots I like to eat lunch on nice days when I'm at work. It's by a river and a bike path and there's a little bench that's really nice to sit on. Sometimes there's ducks to watch and once I saw a heron. I sit on the bench and read and it's usually my favorite part of the day. Especially when there's ducks. Did I mention the ducks?

They're so cute!

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