Monday, August 23, 2010

taste of summer

skirt (worn as a dress) - used to be my mom's, belt - thrifted

It seems summer came and went in mere days here in Washington. It's still August but we're already having days cool enough for sweaters and tights. And it didn't get hot until mid July. So that's what, one month of actual nice weather. And even that was intermittent.

Yesterday's cold temperatures make this photo almost heartbreaking to me. I miss those few hot days! I miss throwing on something breezy and no shoes and just hanging out. This is one of those things that I really just wear around the house, although I did go to the grocery store for pizza ingredients in this outfit. I added sandals and a chambray work shirt to the skirt/dress and rainbow colored leather belt (which I love, by the way. it's kind of goofy but perfect for the summer). The pizza was delicious, cooked on the grill, with apple, spinach, provolone, feta, and carmelized onions. YUM.

I had been planning a show/party at my house for the next day, with a couple of my friends' bands playing and such, but ended up having to cancel it because two of my friends got arrested! We only found out the night before the show was supposed to happen and they had already been in jail a whole day and we had no idea if they were going to get out in time to play. Since their band was the one I really wanted to have at the party, we cancelled the show. They got out the next day and totally could have played but by that time we'd told everyone not to come. The whole thing was pretty funny, especially when I got pulled over right after finding out they were in jail. It definitely made me a bit more nervous when I was talking to the cop, but it ended up being no big deal. I had a break light out, and the cop warned me there was a lot of drug activity so I should be careful. Which I totally already know since half the kids I went to high school with are on heroin now and I found a bunch of used needles in the woods by my house when I was walking my dog.

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