Friday, August 27, 2010

Independance Day (or Happy 4th of July a month and a half late)

tee - pacsun, jeans - gap, shoes - converse, headscarf - thrfited, lip color - target red by l'oreal

Independance Day always feels a little bit fifties to me so I played that up this year with the silk scarf, cats eye makeup, and red lips. I don't love this lip color as much as some of my other red lipsticks but it's pretty good for longwear. It doesn't dry out my lips too much and really stays like it's supposed to. Is it a little ridiculous that I have many many different colors, formulas, and brands of red lipstick? I only buy red or deep raspberry colors. Well, I do have one nude lipgloss for when I want to look sort of sixties, but other than that I stick to reds.

When I focus on my makeup/hair more than usual, I tend to stay with a simpler outfit, like the jeans and tshirt I wore here. Now, I gotta say, I'm pretty damn happy with how my eyeliner turned out. I'm not exceptionally good at the winged liner, I must admit, but I rather liked how it turned out! And the little pomp works better when my bangs are too long, like they were getting back then.

Boy, it's weird to write about stuff from nearly two months ago! I mean, here it is, almost the end of August and I'm writing about the 4th of July. Which I spent in Des Moines (WA not IA), with Justina and Liam. We watched fireworks by the water, shot off our own, ate homemade cherry rhubarb pie, and drank beer. It was a proper Fourth, if you ask me.

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