Tuesday, October 12, 2010

40s of PBR

Hey kids. You ever have one of those days when you just LOVE your friends so much, you can't believe you're lucky enough to have them all in your life? I've been feeling that like mad lately, so I thought I'd throw up some pictures from my 21st birthday, since just about all the funnest people I know where there. We went to Fremont, hit up a few different bars, got in a fight with some dickface, and played Seinfeld Monopoly at Amanda's apartment. There was also a lot of boy-on-boy kissing, talking to random people, and WAY too many pictures taken. Here's a few.

The people in the group shot are (left to right, back to front): Michael, Shiloh, Shane, Amanda, Shaun, me, Liam, Justina, Spike, and Aly. Yeah, they totally rock. I don't know how well you can see in these pictures, but I wore a black sequined tank from Target, a thrifted black pleated skirt, ballet flats, sweatshirt, and my trusty vintage Coach purse. I had an amazing time, and it was fully worth the whole day hangover the next day.

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