Wednesday, October 27, 2010

fallen leaves

shirt - vintage, sweater vest - second hand, corduroys - j.crew, shoes - converse

Some more autumnal goodness. This photo could have been cropped to show my outfit better, but I loved the way the reddish leaves looked against the green grass in the foreground. I actually wore this a couple weeks ago, probably right after I got these corduroys. When I bought this vintage floral shirt, I thought it would be great for summer, which it totally is, but the yellow color is awesome in the fall too. Layering it under the vest gave it a little more shape. The thing is pretty boxy on its own.


  1. "sweater vest- second hand" that was totally my sweater vest at one time! = )


  2. darling, I know it was! It's easier than saying a friend gave it to me. I suppose hand-me-down might be more appropriate.