Saturday, October 16, 2010

pie guy (aka my new husband)

shirt - alternative apparel, skirt - urban outfitters, scarf - gift, tights - target, cardigan - urban outfitters, boots - thrifted, bag - vintage dooney & burke

Dudes, you can get pie delivered until 3am Friday and Saturday nights in Seattle. Via bike. By a cute boy who makes and delivers all the pies himself. I am so in love. After seeing the Normies play in the CD with my new coworker (she just moved here and is pretty cool), we went back to Amanda's apartment to order a whole fucking peanut butter and chocolate pie. God, it was incredible. Actually, Justina, Amanda, and Tony went back and ordered the pie while coworker and I got burgers at Dick's. I'm introducing her to as much Seattle stuff as possible. Tonight she saw the neighborhoods of Wallingford, Capitol Hill, and the Central District, drank Ranier, and ate at Dick's. I think I'm a pretty good tour guide. But guys, the Piecycle is AMAZING. So damn incredible. He's only been doing this for a month but the pies are INSANELY GOOD. I'm shouting I'm so excited about this pie situation. Oh my lord, not only are the fillings crazy good, but his crust is the flakiest and most delicious I have ever tasted.

So I got this vintage purse at VV the other day, where I scored BIG on purses. Three really nice Dooney & Burkes (kind of becoming a favorite brand?) for less than $20. Plus a wool skirt and a tweed shift dress, which I'll have to show you soon. I've worn both already but just haven't blogged them. Anyways, love the kind of doctor bag vibe with this purse but the interior pocket situation is abysmal. There's a lot of them, but they're way too thin to jam anything into. So all night I'm rooting around in there trying to find my phone, or lighter, or camera and just totally dumping cigarettes and change all over. I kept losing my keys 5 seconds after putting them in there. I THINK, though, that it is cute enough to justify keeping it despite the annoyance. It has shorter handles which I removed because they are awkward with the long strap but it's really cute with those, so I'll have to use them next time. Other than that, I just found my favorite (only) ridiculous acid washed tee so I totally wore that and this floral silk skirt. And my black boots, of course, since last week at the same house I wore heels and had a bottle broken over my fucking FOOT which was not pleasant. A friend also poured his entire beer over the same foot the same night. Unfortunately, foot and shoe mishaps are still happening as this house seems to have a mysterious gold paint leak somewhere and for the second time in two weeks I discovered gold paint on my clothes when I got home. While last week it was just a tiny smudge on my (brand new, dammit) tights, this week I had not only several small and one large spots on my tights, but also huge drips and smears all over my boots. Not sure what to use to clean them, but hopefully I'll be able to get it off.

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