Wednesday, February 2, 2011

country christmas

Usually I wear something sort of dressy and "pretty" in a traditional way on Christmas. This year I kind of went a different way. I had just bought this shirt (I buy things for myself while Christmas shopping for presents for other people) and thought the colors were kind of holiday appropriate but it was also pretty western/cowboy-ish. I wanted a high-waisted skirt that wasn't black and wasn't very long to wear with it, which I didn't have. So I took this grey skirt which is NOT high-waisted, hiked it up a little and belted it, giving it a bit of a paperbag waist feel. I liked having a good half inch of the skirt showing at the top of the belt because it made the belt stand out more. When I tried it with the belt right at the line between skirt and shirt, it was way too busy and looked blah. To round out my country Christmas outfit, I threw on my clogs (seriously love these things) and pinned up my hair in milkmaid braids. I am loving the braids now more than ever because I can finally have them cross in the back before going around and meeting at the top of my head. It's a much smoother and understated look than the crown of braids I used to (and still sometimes) do.

This description is pretty indicative of the way I put together an outfit, at least the ones I blog. I certainly do still throw things on without much thought, but when I put a little effort into how I look it's kind of like fitting puzzle pieces together. You try two pieces together, they work or don't, you try something else, it doesn't work with what you started with but you like it more, so you scrap the first thing and build off what you have now. I rarely plan an outfit out fully before I get dressed unless it's something I've worn before because I never know exactly how things will work together. I like to have enough time to play with my clothes and enjoy the process. Usually I have some idea, a theme, inspiration, or single piece of clothing to build off of but that doesn't always end up in the finished outfit. What about you? How do you put together an outfit?

shirt - uo, skirt - thrifted, belt - thrifted, tights - garage sale, clogs - jeffrey campbell, purse - thrifted coach

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