Wednesday, February 23, 2011

snowy hangover

Ok, finally back, again with older pictures. Also, even though these are from almost two months ago, guess what? There's snow on the ground AGAIN. Ah, winter. Will you never end?

tee - borders&frontiers (designed by tavi!), hoodie - american eagle, jeans - gap, boots - thrifted

So this was New Year's Day. I was hungover, like seriously seriously hungover. I was supposed to head down to Olympia to see some bands play that night but I had to go home first and once I crashed on the couch, well, there was no getting back up. Napping was way more important. Hungover outfits, for me, always mean some kind of cool graphic or band tee, jeans, and a hoodie. There should be sunglasses involved, but it is winter and I cannot find any of mine. Supposedly Washington state buys the most sunglasses, which seems bizarre because we're known for our grey, rainy weather. But then we have a sunny day and no one can find the sunglasses they haven't needed for weeks and must rush out and buy a new pair. I definitely get surprise blinded pretty regularly. 

Obviously, I really needed sunglasses this particular day. My mom insisted that we should go for a walk, and as soon as we got up the hill and out of the shade, the sun was insane. Snow plus sun plus hangover equals headache, so I made her snap a few squinty pictures and headed back inside. It was beautiful though, and I took a few pretty snow pictures later on. 

The shirt was a gift from Amanda for Christmas. It's so cool that she bought it for me because I've been meaning to get one for ages, which she didn't even know. She just saw it and thought I'd like it and bought it for me. Such a good friend. Oh, and please please excuse the mess that is my hair in these pictures. Again, I was hungover, I wasn't bothering with a hairbrush. Hair and makeup are whatever remained of the previous night. Anyways, here's some pretty pictures of the snow.

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  1. Well that last picture of you is possibly the hottest I've ever seen you look. Also, loving the shirt, of course.