Tuesday, February 28, 2012

edith is a conniving bitch

sweater - icelandica (reykjavik), chambray shirt - gap, wool skirt - thrifted, tights - target, boots - thrifted, gin & tonic - tanquaray

I have been wearing variations on this outfit a lot lately. The formula is pencil skirt, large/mens style button up shirt, and cropped cardigan, usually with boots. It's a really easy winter work outfit, I guess. Keeping the shirt untucked allows me to wear this skirt even though the zipper is broken and stops an inch from the top. I rather like the awkward amount of cuff showing, even though it's way too long. It feels kind of boyish to me, despite the skirt. Anyways, it's something that's been working for me.

Has anyone been watching Downton Abbey? I actually wore this last week, when Amanda and I watched the finale together. Oh god, it was so good! We made gin & tonics because . . . British? Yeah, that works, even though they never drink cocktails at Downton. And because a G&T is my drink! We got tipsy and freaked out a lot. It was fuuuuun.

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