Friday, February 10, 2012

i'm kind of a big dill

Have you seen this cute illustration on Pinterest?* I've been obsessed with pickles lately, eating tons of them. I pickled a bunch of green tomatoes last summer and now when I eat a jar, I fill the jar with other veggies and reuse the leftover brine (you can do this with storebought pickles too). Obviously, they're not shelf stable, but after a week in the fridge they're delicious. Anyways, I told one of my managers that, and then she saw that illustration on Pinterest, so she recreated it for me. Isn't she sweet? Thanks Beth! I'm really sad I couldn't take her art journaling class yesterday because it seemed like a blast. Girl is talented!

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1 comment:

  1. Ive totally noticed your pickle obsession lately. haha so random. Our managers are so awesome!! Let me guess, beth drew that?

    p.s. SO excited for the washi tape to come in. Let me know when they arrive! I'm definitely going to have to have my mom send me some haha.