Wednesday, June 13, 2012

new shades, new polish

I know I've been awfully MIA lately, but I just moved! To a house! In Seattle! With some great people! Can you tell I'm excited? It's a cute, pretty big house and I have three roommates, a cat, and a dog. My room is rather small, but has potential. It's currently a mess of boxes and junk, but I've been staying since Friday night and just gradually getting stuff organized. I still have masses of things to deal with back home in Duvall, but I'm taking it slowly and not getting stressed. I have grand plans for my little space, and can't wait to show you pictures, but I don't want you to see anything until it's finished. Maybe a shot of my nicely organized closet?

In the meantime, I thought I'd show you my new green sunnies from Target and my new glitter nailpolish. The color is "Popular" by Revlon (totally loving their polishes lately) and I love that kind of murky quality of a colored base with glitter. I think this shot is pretty accurate. It's an extremely soft pink with big and small silver glitter. I really enjoyed the contrast of super girly nails with my beat to shit denim jacket. Unfortunately, since I took that photo I had to work at the warehouse and now my nails look as raggedy as the jacket. I broke about half of them and chipped the rest, so we're going short for awhile. 

I've really been into doing my nails lately. It's so weird, but I think Pinterest and the too many nail blogs I read are to blame. I want all the polishes! I recently looked at holo and magnetic polishes at Ulta, and I think they're SO COOL but also kind of ugly? I dunno, the colors might work better in fall.


  1. you look awesome! Love those shades

  2. You really look wonderful wearing green sunglasses! It actually looks good with your denim jacket, just like your nail polish! You really know how to pick things that make you look stunning!